Career Opportunities at Singapore Airlines as Modern Airline Professional 2022

A career in the airline industry is an interesting career path. Singapore Airlines is one of the airlines that is committed to a modern and innovative airline for the sake of its customers. Singapore Airlines have proven to be successfully met the needs of customers and staff and became one of the world’s most respected travel brands. Singapore airline flies high as an airline professional.

Get to know Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines were founded in 1947 as Malayan Airways. Now with 20 subsidiaries, Singapore Airlines has evolved into one of the most respected travel brands in the world for more than 20 years. This airline was the first airline to launch customers for the world’s largest passenger aircraft, Airbus A380, as well as Boeing 787-10 and Airbus A300-900.

The Singapore government, despite majority-owned Singapore Airlines by 55%, has stressed not being involved in the management of the company. The government only act as a mediator when needed such as during the tensions in the early 2000s between the company and its pilot. The airline is also famous for the Singapore Girls in most of the ads and publications.

Core values and competencies of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines hold its core values to form the foundation of its people to serve customers. These core values are excellence, safety, customer focus, care, integrity, and teamwork. The core values are made to prioritize the needs and comfort of customers and also the safety of the staff. With these core values, SIA people can work optimally.

In addition to core values, Singapore Airlines also has the SIA SPIRIT Competency Framework which defines SIA competencies and their leadership philosophy. SPIRIT consists of SIA role models, personal skills, interpersonal skills, results focus, inspiring character, and transformational leadership. Each candidate will be assessed based on these competencies.

Career building in Singapore Airlines

Name of Company: Singapore Airlines
Primary Sector: Airlines
Job Profile: Cabin Crew
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Singapore Airlines Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Singapore Airlines | CAREERS Cabin Crew
Job Location: Jobs In Korea, Malasia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 2th October 2022

In Singapore Airlines, the employees are guaranteed professional development and diverse career opportunities. This is because Singapore Airlines believes in helping every employee to achieve their full potential. Employees will be offered an extensive array of development and learning opportunities to upgrade their professional and personal competencies.

The company also believes that diverse career opportunities open a greater chance of a greater career for the employees. There will be a job rotation scheme where employees can look forwards to job postings within their functional areas or across the field of specialization. Employees will also get the chance to work overseas after some years of experience.

Professional development opportunities are also opened to fresh graduates through SIA Executives Programmed (SEP) where companies seek graduates with a good university degree and those who have leadership capabilities. These capabilities must be proven and demonstrated in co-curricular activities and National Service. Applicants with one or two years of experience are welcome too.

Singapore Airlines also opens up opportunities for students to complete their studies through their scholarships and internships. SIA is inspired to nurture the next generation of leaders. By joining this program, students will get benefits in the form of tuition, allowance, positions to work at Singapore Airlines for 6 years, and more benefits students can find in this program.

Career opportunities at Singapore Airlines

At Singapore Airlines there are various opportunities in various professional fields because Singapore Airlines is not only open to pilots and cabin crews. Airlines welcome people who meet the competency standards of the SIA SPIRIT and are ready to hold on to the core values of SIA. The open field starts from the communication department to the cargo department.

With a variety of fields available, Singapore Airlines invites everyone who is talented and full of skill and passion to the team of Singapore Airlines. This airline guarantees opportunity for every employee to make change through the company programmed and projects. That way the company also manages to make good changes with the employees.

List Of Singapore Airlines Jobs Opportunities:

  1. Cabin Crew (Korea). <== Apply Here
  2. Cabin Crew (Malaysia). <== Apply Here
  3. Cabin Crew (Singapore). <== Apply Here
  4. Cabin Crew (Taiwan). <== Apply Here
  5. Cabin Crew (Thailand). <== Apply Here
  6. Executive Cabin Crew Control Centre (1-Year Contract). <== Apply Here

Applying to Singapore Airlines

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Career Opportunities at Singapore Airlines as Modern Airline Professional 2022

Registration to join Singapore Airlines teams is open online. Applicants can access the form on the official website of Singapore Airlines. Applicants can see the positions available on the website and directly apply. Please pay attention to the job description and requirements available. After that applicants will be asked to log in to proceed with the application.

Please keep in mind that Singapore Airlines does not charge any money for any stage of the recruitment process or any position. Please be careful of scams on behalf of Singapore Airlines. Please report it to the authorities and contact the person of Singapore Airlines if applicants find any suspicious vacancies. Singapore Airlines runs all recruitment processes with integrity.

Singapore Airlines is one of the best companies in the travel industry. In addition to successfully meeting the needs of customers, this airline has succeeded in ensuring opportunities for its employees to develop professionally. With various programs, Singapore Airlines welcome passionate applicants to be part of Singapore Airlines teams.

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