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Shefako is an SEO agency dedicated to empowering customers. The company itself under the Onum has helped several companies to reach their branding goals and finances. It is, especially in internet and search engine optimization. The SEO has three main services, mainly for SIE, content marketing, and app development with more than 300 active clients under its brand.

About Company

Shefako has been in the field for years. Under Gina Bruno as the head, the SEO agency has worked with Fortune 500s. It also works along with several brand-new startups. The main goal of the company is to help to create more profit for the ambitious businesses. One way or another, the agency use building awareness, customer connection, web traffic, and overall sales as its project.

The Shefako itself works as a dedicated company using three keys as its process. The key is keyword research, technical SEO audit, and content optimization. To make it better, Shefako put percentages which are 70% for a keyword, 80% for SEO, and 60% for content. That number help in App development for site migration and SEO creation.

The Services

  1. App Development

The company offer two option for this service, they are integration and development. The integration proposes a revolutionary level of transparency, such as backlink acquisition. It also promises increasing revenue through app integration. Meanwhile, the development provides the very beginning process of using the app for the business.

The company work alongside ONUM that brought out names of Yodgy and Atomic SEO brand. For more experience and fulfilling the client demand, the company offers three plans that available for small to large businesses. There is a standard, economy, and premium offer that has distinctive services in each plan.

  1. Content Marketing

The content marketing services propose approaching SEO for the client’s business. It is mainly maximizing the SEO power and built around what method that is works and not. The company has more than 330 active clients and 850 projects done as its portfolio. Thus, making the agency understand the highlight and the special sauce in creating effective content marketing.

The company underlines the 200+ verified factors of search engine algorithm It also proposes innovational ways to tackle down the old marketing tactics that no longer work in this modern era. Mentioned on its official website. To make the best marketing, Shefako proposes three processes, onsite optimization, keyword research, and link building.

For more, the agency understands that SEO & marketing hold a role around 75% in the website traffic. Google analytics is 65%, keyword results are 43%, and off-page SEO is 15%. Shefako will pinpoint four keys for their keyword. The keys are real-time keyword data, ROI-obsessed keyword, Scalable keyword growth, and total keyword growth visibility.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The SEO service is the main focus for the agency. In this case, the company offers three abilities in creating the top SEO service. They are SEO optimization to help elevate website traffic, visibility, and customers. Web development also helps in creating an impression for the business’ website visitors.

Along with it, the agency also offers PPC advertising that means finding the ideal search phrases. Later on, it will bump up the Google search engine. The SEO services also include content marketing, social media marketing, and app development. It will help in finding the right potential customers, social campaigns, and launching a startup.


Some of the projects that have been stated as the company portfolio ranging in every business field. It includes crypto app projects, social media app marketing, and media for Oceanthemes. There is also a UX design for Tubus. SMM project, responsive design optimization project, Apps for health development, or immersive experience marketing.


The company has more than 25+ team advisors and a professional workforce. That help the agency to secure more than 300 clients, 850+ projects, and ten more glorious years. For those who are interested to join the company, candidates can search for the available jobs on its official

careers site.

With several services and offers, the SEO agency may have a large number of job vacancies. It ranges for every category and job option. Candidates can choose for freelance, full-time, Internship, part-time, or temporary jobs. Most of it is focused in Dubai as the SEO Agency is headquartered near Al Nahda Metro Station, Dubai

Shefako Jobs opening

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How to Apply Shefako Jobs opening opportunities march 2021 Dubai UAE

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