SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021

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SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021

About SBE Hotel Dubai

SLS Hotel Dubai is one of a brands under SBE, a leading lifestyle hospitality company. It operates as a developer, management, and operating number of properties. It includes hotels, restaurants, residencies, and several nightclubs. It was founded in 2002 and has many hotels plus distinctive awards for its properties.

A brief History of SBE

The hospitality company started in 2002 when Sam Nazarian tried to revolutionize the lifestyle hospitality space. He is not a new name in this market, as he already contributed to some award-winning hotels, restaurants, residences, and nightclubs. Some big names are mentioned under its development.

Some of the worth mentioning hotels are SLS hotels and residences, Katsuya, Hotels, and Residences, etc. With the hotels as its grounding, Nazarian built a 360-degree guest experience as the concept of SBE. It also incorporates world-class design and cuisine as its highlight. With that idea, SBE grew as one of the big companies consisting of 36 hotels plus over 200 global culinary and properties.

The result itself skyrocketed as Nazarian acquitted Morgans hotel Group in December 2016. It was a boutique lifestyle hotel that kicked off SBE to continue the expansion. Later on, in 2018, Nazarian gained a strategic partnership with AccorHotels. The strategy is acquiring a 50% joint venture stake. In later years (2020) SBE was completely acquitted under the name of SBE.

2020 was the big year for SBE. Nazarian launched the C3 program, which stands for Creating Culinary and Communities. It was the fruit of the Accor and Simon partnership. Along with it, SBE also gas Dakota development as the subsidiary business. The company also works together with a global partnership program that covers 500 companies in many sectors.

SLS Hotel Services

  1. Rooms and Suites

As one of the hotels under SBE company, SLS hotel Dubai has several high-end lifestyle services to offer. SLS Hotel Dubai and the residence itself is a 75-story tower hotel with a total of 254 hotel rooms with 321 hotel apartments available. It is located right in the downtown area of Dubai. The hotel rooms are five classes with luxurious design and full-service offer.

It comprises the Signature king with balcony room, signature duo beds with balcony, signature safe duo beds accessible room, sky king with balcony, and sky premium king with a balcony room. On the other hand, the suite comprises a vanilla sky premium king suite with balcony, sky penthouse 2-bedroom suite with balcony, and sky family king suite with balcony.

  1. Residences

The residence options come with complete house amenities, including kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office space. The offer includes the 115sqm wonder Burj living, 100 sqm grand Burj living, wonder living two-bedroom king plus balcony, and cloud living one-bedroom king duplex with balcony. There is also a one-bedroom king loft balcony, elite living one-bedroom, prime, and urban option.

  1. Ciel Spa

Ciel Spa in SLS hotel means to provide relaxation for the guest. It offers some services including a custom massage bed, fitness center, showers, and spa center.

  1. Dine & Drink

The F&B section in the hotel offers property dining in many areas. 12 chairs Caviar Bar is exclusive for 12 guests. It also has a rooftop dining area with an infinity pool called Privilege Dubai. The hotel also introduces Carnai Dubai, a steakhouse concept diner with a bar and luxurious area. There is also Ellamia Dubai with Los Angeles coffee culture.

S bar Dubai is a mixology S bar culture located on the 71st floor. It offers a chic looking dining area and bar. Lastly is Fi’lia Dubai that employs Italian food as the highlight. It also comes with an Italian design and theme.

  1. Meetings & Events

This service covers the needs for meeting accommodation. The hotel proposes technologies, devices, areas, and other services. The service covers private events with the catering and conference service team. It has up to 6 meeting rooms with a total number of guests to 200 people.

A career at SBE hotel

Working in SLS hotel Dubai means working under the SBE hotel company. With the number of hotels, properties, and amenities it has, everyone can join for different career opportunities. The job vacancies are listed under the SBE job career and accessible through its official website.
The hotel offers a range of jobs from managerial to the field worker. The available categories are Rooms/housekeeping, executive operation, F&B, finance, engineering & security, to the front office. The SBE hotel branch also spread across countries, thus it provides a large chance for everyone, everywhere.

List SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021

1.Kitchen TechnicianViews & Apply
2.Fitness & Pool AttendantViews & Apply
3.Spa AttendantViews & Apply
4.Cost Controller – F&BViews & Apply
5.Electrical TechnicianViews & Apply
6.Mechanical/Plumbing TechnicianViews & Apply
7.PainterViews & Apply
8.Baker – Chef De PartieViews & Apply
9.Hotel NurseViews & Apply
10.Pastry – Chef De PartieViews & Apply
11.Pastry Sous ChefViews & Apply
12.Senior Sous Chef – Fi’liaViews & Apply
13.Front Desk AgentViews & Apply
14.Commis ChefViews & Apply
15.HostViews & Apply
16.Housekeeping AttendantViews & Apply
17.Bell AttendantViews & Apply
18.Bell CaptainViews & Apply
19.SLS Services AgentViews & Apply
20.Door AttendantViews & Apply
21.ConciergeViews & Apply
22.Senior Sous Chef – CarnaViews & Apply
23.Housekeeping Co-ordinatorViews & Apply

How to apply SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021

Please prepare the best CV you have, then click “Views & Apply” on the column we have provided above. After you click on the link we provide, you will go to the official website SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021, you are required to create a job seeker account on the website, fill in all the requested data, then click on app.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, SBE hotel Dubai job opening opportunity February 2021, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you

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