Royal Central Hotel The Palm: An Oasis of Career Opportunities in 2023

Amidst the ever-expanding global hospitality industry, the Royal Central Hotel The Palm stands tall, presenting a plethora of unparalleled career opportunities in 2023. As the luxury hotel chain redefines the art of hosting, it also sets a benchmark in the world of hospitality employment.

About Royal Central Hotel The Palm
The Royal Central Hotel The Palm is an integral part of Central Hotels, a conglomerate renowned for elevating the standards of guest experiences. The hotel, beautifully situated on the crescent of Palm Jumeirah, is a gateway to an unforgettable Dubai experience, blending luxury with the tranquillity of beachfront living. However, what truly distinguishes this esteemed establishment is its commitment to its workforce, consistently fostering an inclusive work culture while promoting professional growth.

About Royal Central Hotel The Palm Jobs Opportunities:

🏨 Company Name: Royal Central Hotel The Palm
🌐 Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
🎯 Job Profile: 26 Open Jobs
💰 Salary: Competitive and posted anonymously by Royal Central Hotel The Palm
🔍 Recruitment: Careers at Royal Central Hotel The Palm
📍 Job Location: Dubai, UAE
⏰ Job Type: Full-time
🌏 Nationality: Selective
🎓 Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
🏆 Experience: Mandatory
🛡️ Benefits: As per UAE Labor Law
🗓️ Last Updated on: 23th May 2023
⌛ Closing Date: Not Specified

The Work Culture and Environment
The work environment at the Royal Central Hotel The Palm extends beyond standard job descriptions and duties. Here, the essence of work transcends to craft, a pursuit of excellence, and a dedication to the art of hospitality. The workforce thrives in an atmosphere of mutual respect and inclusivity, setting the foundation for not just a job but a meaningful career in the industry.

The hotel’s culture promotes team collaboration, where every role, from the front desk agent to the executive chef, is valued. Each job is seen as a vital piece in the larger puzzle of exceptional guest experiences.

Prioritizing Employee Wellbeing
The Royal Central Hotel The Palm holds a forward-thinking approach towards employee wellbeing. Not only does the company offer competitive compensation packages and job security, but it also values the mental and physical health of its staff. Various employee wellbeing programs are in place, which include regular health check-ups, workshops on work-life balance, and stress management.

Embark on Your Career Journey with Royal Central Hotel The Palm: Job Openings 2023

The Royal Central Hotel The Palm is looking for passionate individuals to join their team, offering a wide variety of positions that cater to different skillsets and interests. The current job openings for 2023 are categorized into five key departments.

Front Office: In the heart of hotel operations, the front office team is essential in shaping guests’ first impressions and overall experiences. The positions available in this area include:

  1. Front Desk Agent: The face of the hotel, managing guest check-ins and check-outs, addressing inquiries, and maintaining a high level of service.
  2. Telephone Operator: Responsible for handling incoming and outgoing calls, providing information to callers, and transferring calls as necessary.
  3. CID Agent: Playing a crucial role in ensuring the safety and security of guests by verifying guest information and maintaining records.
  4. Bellboy: Ensuring a warm welcome to guests, assisting them with their luggage, and guiding them throughout the hotel.
  5. Pool Attendant: Ensuring the cleanliness and safety of the pool area, providing towels and amenities to guests, and ensuring their comfort.

Food & Beverage: The Food & Beverage department offers several exciting roles for individuals who appreciate the art of culinary service and hospitality:

  1. F&B Manager and Restaurant Manager: These managerial roles are responsible for the overall operation of food and beverage services, maintaining high standards of quality and service.
  2. Head Waiter, Waiter, and Waitress: Essential team members serving food and beverage items, ensuring guest satisfaction at all times.
  3. Hostess: Responsible for welcoming and seating guests, contributing to a pleasant dining atmosphere.
  4. Mini-Bar Attendant: Ensuring the mini-bars in guest rooms are well-stocked and maintained.

Housekeeping: The Housekeeping department ensures the cleanliness and upkeep of the hotel, providing a comfortable and clean environment for guests. The positions available are:

  1. Housekeeping Coordinator: Managing the coordination of housekeeping operations, ensuring rooms are cleaned as per standards.
  2. Room Attendant: Responsible for the daily cleaning and maintenance of guest rooms.

Kitchen: For culinary enthusiasts, the Kitchen department offers various positions:

  1. Executive Chef and Sous Chef: These positions oversee the operation of the kitchen, maintaining the quality of food, menu planning, and staff management.
  2. Chef De Partie, Demi Chef De Partie, Commis I, Commis II, and Commis III: These roles involve preparation and cooking of food items, each with varying levels of responsibility and expertise.
  3. Chef Steward and Steward: Responsible for maintaining cleanliness and organization in the kitchen.

Engineering: The Engineering department ensures the smooth operation and maintenance of the hotel’s physical aspects. The roles include:

  1. Carpenter: Skilled in woodwork, maintaining and repairing wooden elements of the hotel.
  2. A/C Technician: Responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning systems.
  3. Electrician: In charge of electrical maintenance and repairs within the hotel.

How to Join the Team at Royal Central Hotel The Palm

To become part of this dynamic team and embark on an exciting journey in the hospitality industry, follow the application process below:

To apply for any of the positions listed above, interested candidates are invited to send their applications directly to Mustafa Hassan, the Cluster HR Director. He can be reached at his email address: [email protected].

When sending your application, remember to include:

  • A current CV or resume, highlighting your relevant work experience and skills.
  • A cover letter detailing your interest in the position and the unique qualities you would bring to the role.
  • Any relevant certifications or qualifications that showcase your abilities.

This is your chance to shine and show how you could contribute to the legacy of Royal Central Hotel The Palm. The hotel looks forward to welcoming talented and passionate individuals to their team, continuing to provide exceptional service and creating a unique guest experience that sets it apart in the hospitality industry. Join Royal Central Hotel The Palm and redefine the future of travel.

Good Luck To You

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