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Roland Berger is a management consultant that offers a solution in creating strategic and analytic know-how on the industry and network. The Roland Berger was founded in 1967, as a German company that has spread its network across Europe and Asia pacific. The multinational company has released several events, networks, and spread its reach to more than 10 countries.

About Roland Berger

Roland Berger operates as an independent company that also works together with several partners. The company itself focuses as a management consultant that proposes solutions for industry and network. The Roland Berger itself was founded in 1967 as a global consultancy firm that starting in Germany. As time goes, Roland Berger has spanned its reach to other countries and continents.

The main vision of the company is to create a groundbreaking perspective, mindset, and solution in the field of business and consulting. The force will always try to create a new solution that stays hand in hand with the transformation and manage disruption. With more than 50 years of experience, the company thrives in expanding its company and reach.

It has more than 2,400 employees working in offices across 35 countries. RB also underlines the importance of technology for business, which highlights the ability in cooperating with technology in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world. It also helps the company to even further span its business in world issues.

Another concern that Roland Berger addresses is a higher capital. The transaction of capital is getting easier and cheaper, which highlights the importance of smart investment. To create the best solution, this consultant company also underlines the need for speed and flexibility above the size and volume. It also turned into a key business along with an alliance.

What Roland Berger wants is to help the client seizing opportunities. It employs values of entrepreneurship, empathy, and excellence to bring solutions from analysis to implementation. At the same time, the company also incorporates the use of technology and digital partners Known as Terra numerate to bring the best answer for the clients.

Industries And Business Function

  1. Expertise

To create the end-to-end solutions and vast business solutions, RB employs experts in many fields. The expertise comprises transaction, restructuring & performance, digitalization, consumer goods & retails, Roland Berger Digital, economic, Aerospace & Defense.

  1. Roland Berger Institute

The company also established Roland Berger Institute (RBI) as a place to create the newest analysis. Experts in the industry and macroeconomics will work together. The RBI itself will publish scenarios and studies that perform macroeconomic analysis for the client. The RBI also works as the editor in the Roland Berger Trend Compendium.

  1. Networking

RB has two main networks called expert and alumni networks. The expert network is an associated company that consists of experts, former executives, and independent consultants or interim. The company will link more than 500 minds to support RB. The alumni network will be the exclusive platform to stay in touch with talented alumni of RB.

  1. Terra Numerata

Terra numerates is the digital ecosystem run by Roland Berger. It will be the platform to bring together venture capital, innovators, and talent in one place. The platform focuses on leveraging digital transformation.

  1. Digital Hubs

With Visa Europe cooperation, Roland Berger created digital hubs as physical space for digital innovation. It will be the home for corporates, experts, and startups to bring together innovation. The company also works together with Spiefield Academy to offer boot camps and new opportunities for all talents.

Jobs Roland Berger / Roland Berger job opening

Name of Company: Roland Berger | Management Consulting Company
Primary Sector: Management Consultancy
Job Profile: Multiple Jobs Found
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Roland Berger Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Roland Berger | Career Starter
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 1 March 2022

Roland Berger offers vast ranges of job vacations that come in every expertise, level, and category. The company itself underlines the need for entrepreneurial spirit and personal strength as its requirement. There are also some requirement sectors, such as consulting and non-consulting jobs. The option is also divided into six career levels.

The levels are; experienced hire, graduate hire, MBA positions, and internship for consulting and non-consulting positions. To make sure that the available jobs are trusted and real, candidates can check the official sites. On top of that, the company also has tons of facilities that have job locations spread across countries.

The vast number of locations also guarantees chances to work under a multinational company. Roland Berger makes sure that the workplace values diversity, with a varied background for every worker, such as nationality, gender, talents, genders, and many more. It will be the solution to enrich and gather more insight as well as interest.

List Of Roland Berger job opening opportunity in Dubai UAE

  1. Senior Consultant – (Sustainability/Waste Management)
  2. Consulting Analyst (NYU Abu Dhabi Applications)
  3. MBA INSEAD Full-time applications (22J)
  4. INSEAD Summer Associate applications (22D)
  5. And more…


Roland Berger Dubai
Phone: +971 4 446 4080
Economic consultant in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Address: Innovation Hub Building 2 B 303, 3rd Floor – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 446 4080

Roland Berger Riyadh
Address: Olaya Street Al-Akaria 3 Building, 404, Al-Akaria Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Business management consultant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

How to apply for a job

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Roland Berger job opening opportunity in Dubai UAE 2022

To be able to get the opportunity to work at Roland Berger, the method is quite easy, please visit the link we have provided above “Views & Apply “. But before sending your best CV, first check the completeness of your CV, in more recheck. This is so that your data, if it meets requirements, will immediately be called to do an interview test.

If when you submit your CV application Roland Berger job opening, a problem occurs, please call the telephone number that we include below:
Please contact:
Isabell Schönemann (+49 89 9230-9583)
Dennis Reck (+49 89 9230-9127)

If when you register, it turns out that this job vacancy has been closed, don’t be discouraged, please come back to this page at a later time to get the latest information about Roland Berger job opening.

With so many job applicants submitting applications for jobs in, “Roland Berger job opening”, you should realize that this company is looking for the best candidates to be able to work for this company.

Good luck to you.

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