PSI Real Estate: looking for enthusiastic, talented, and target-driven sales candidates for the primary and secondary real estate markets | Jobs Vacancies July 2021

About PSI Real Estate Dubai

Property Shop Investment (PSI) Business Bay Branch has a mission to provide superior and rewarding real estate services to all partners and clients with comprehensive market awareness. Located in: Bay Square; Address: Fifty-One Tower – #208 – Marasi Dr – Business Bay – Dubai – UAE; Phone: +971 4 323 0200.

The company presents an easy platform for each of its clients, because the concept of services owned by this company is to provide services and strategies that are neatly arranged and very profitable to both parties, with a focus on protecting the property owned by the company or their customers, both physically and financially.

PSI Dubai believes that the reputation and credibility of the profession is shaped by the communal behavior of each employee, ensuring that each employee complies with all procedures already in place by this company.”

About jobs opportunities:

HR at PSI Real Estate LLC | Associate CIPD Level 5, looking for enthusiastic, talented, and target-driven sales candidates for the primary and secondary real estate markets.

This opportunity gives you to connect with organizations that value performance excellence, learning, and development culture, and a profitable commission structure.

Join a team of experienced Property Shop Investment (PSI) professionals to boost your career in the Dubai Real Estate Market.

How to apply:

In today’s technological age, there are many things that are starting to be done online. One of them is sending a job application letter.

If you’re still confused about how to email your application, you can follow the steps below.

In general, the steps to send an application by email are as follows:

  • Collect Requirement Files
  • Convert Print File to PDF
  • Create or Use Professional Email
  • Pay Attention to Delivery Time
  • Sign in to Gmail
  • Select Compose/Compose Menu
  • Fill in the Email Address
  • Fill in the Email Subject
  • Fill in the Email Body
  • Attach Requirement File
  • Double-Check Email Address, Subject, and Body
  • Recheck Requirements
  • Submit Application

Here’s the full explanation!

Preparation Stage
Shipping Stage

Preparation Stage

  1. Collect Requirement Files

The first thing you have to do of course is to read the full job information you get and prepare the requirements.

If the vacancy is not listed as a requirement, then you can collect the following important files:

  • Job Application Letter
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Scan the latest diplomas
  • Scan supporting certificates
  • Portfolio
  • Scan resident id card
  • Photo Fitting
  1. Convert Print File to PDF

Once the requirement files are collected, the next step is to convert the files into digital form.

Generally, the file format used is PDF.

So, make sure you scan the files and then make a PDF.

However, some scanners may exist that save files into other format forms such as JPG, PNG, or DOCX.

If the case is like that, you can directly convert the file to PDF with MS Word or online conversion tools like SmallPDF, etc.

  1. Create or Use Professional Email

The important part is to use professional email.

What does that mean?

So, when you apply for a job via email, make sure the email name you’re using is clear and matches your identity.

Examples of using true and incorrect email names are as follows:


[email protected]
[email protected]


[email protected]
[email protected]

  1. Pay Attention to Delivery Time

Email delivery time should also be prepared carefully. Make sure you’re sending email at the right time.

Just because emails are open 24 Hours nonstop doesn’t mean you can send casually at 12pm, or in those hours of sleep.

The recommendation is to send an email during the company’s business hours, generally at 08.00 – 14.00 (or can be adjusted).

Shipping Stage

Once the preparation is complete, you can immediately submit your application letter.

By clicking on the blue link that we have provided below “List of jobs opportunities: PSI Real Estate”.

The link will automatically redirect you to the email address of psi real estate recruitment division.

Or sand CV to:

List of jobs opportunities: PSI Real Estate

  1. Sales & Leasing agents. <== Apply Here
  2. Receptionist. <== Apply Here
  3. Video Editor/Graphic Designer. <== Apply Here
  4. Filmmaker/Photographer. <== Apply Here
  5. Web Developer. <== Apply Here

Or sand CV to: [email protected]

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