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About Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr

Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr is a restaurant located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located at the end of a pier at the Jumeirah Al Qasr Hotel, which is part of the Madinat Jumeirah Resort complex. The restaurant offers a unique dining experience, with breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel.

Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr serves contemporary seafood cuisine, showcasing the freshest ingredients and innovative cooking techniques. The menu features a variety of dishes, including grilled seafood, raw bar specialties, and creative vegetarian options. The restaurant also offers a wine list that features an extensive selection of premium wines from around the world.

In addition to its stunning location and delicious food, Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr is known for its impeccable service. The restaurant’s staff is dedicated to ensuring that guests have a memorable dining experience from start to finish.

Pierchic is an Italian restaurant themed restaurant located in Jumeirah Al Qasr, and is located on a private jetty on the shores of the Arabian Gulf. This restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Jumeirah, because it has several awards that have been obtained.

Not only that, Pierchic restaurant also many say that this restaurant that serves seafood inspired by the Mediterranean, is said by many to be one of the best seafood restaurants in Dubai.

About Jobs Opportunities: Working In The Romantic Award-Winning Waterfront Restaurant On The Private Pier

Name of Company: Pierchic Italian restaurant
Primary Sector: Restaurant
Job Profile: 4 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Pierchic Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Alessio Colantuono | F&B Assistant Outlet Manager – Pierchic at Jumeirah Group
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 30th March 2023

Eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates who are interested in the job opportunities that are currently being opened by Alessio Colantuono who currently serves as F&B Assistant Outlet Manager, are looking for candidates who have work experience in accordance with the job opportunities currently being opened, and are required to have work experience in high-volume luxury restaurants in EUROPE or UAE.
  • Only candidates who have a great personality are recommended to apply immediately
  • Candidates who pass the selection stage of recruitment opened by Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr will get several benefits including:
  1. Visa
  2. Accommodation
  3. Eat
  4. Plane tickets,
  5. Basic salary + benefits,
  6. Health insurance

Due to the large number of candidates who submit their job applications to F&B Assistant Outlet Manager – Pierchic at Jumeirah Group, only candidates who successfully meet all requirements and have the right profile/experience will be contacted.

List Of Pierchic Jumeirah Al Qasr Jobs Opportunities:

  1. Bartender
  2. Head bartender
  3. Head waiter
  4. Waiter

Closing date: Not Specified

How to Apply for a job:

Send your resume to:
📧: [email protected]

Alternative submit your CV:
📧: [email protected]
[email protected]

Email or often called electronic mail is a communication medium that has been around for a long time. Email is usually used for formal purposes.

Suggestions for Sending Job Applications Via Email

  1. Make sure the Email name matches your name
  2. Make sure your application file size is less than 1MB
  3. Avoid sending job application files in zip/rar format
  4. Use formal/polite language
  5. Write the Subject clearly
  6. Consider delivery time
  7. Make sure the address of the recipient of the email you will send is correct
  8. Address the recipient by name, if possible
  9. Customize your email and cover letter to match the specific job and company you are applying to
  10. Start the email with a brief introduction and mention the position you are applying for
  11. Highlight your relevant skills and experiences in the body of the email
  12. End the email by thanking the recipient for considering your application and expressing your enthusiasm for the opportunity
  13. Include your resume and cover letter as attachments
  14. Include a professional signature with your name, phone number, and email address
  15. Proofread your email and attachments for grammar and spelling errors
  16. Consider sending a follow-up email after a few days to inquire about the status of your application, if you haven’t heard back.

Remember, the first impression you make with your email can impact your chances of getting an interview, so take the time to make sure your job application email is polished and professional.

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