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Steady work with a range of benefits is what people want in the current era. Getting that might not be easy, but certainly, there is always a company that offers great career and workforce opportunities. One of them is Petrofac, the worldwide energy service company that pays attention to the competencies, markets, and humane welfare.

About Petrofac

Who are they? One thing that is for sure is that the corporation is one of the leading energy service companies. Its focus is on providing a workforce for the clients under the energy industries. Thus, the company focus on providing services such as building, designing, and operating energy facilities.

Due to its nature as a service provider, the company pays more attention to its workforce. Petrofac is always looking for engineering experts, high competence, robust support, and skilled personnel. It also highly regards the safety and efficiency of its workforce. Thus, the company can work with diverse ranges of markets and works.

The number of the employee of the company itself has reached up about 9,400 people that are spread around 200+ projects. The unique point of Petrofac is that the company start to apply its workforce outside the oil and gas industries. The company started to work for a more sustainable and cleaner future through its core services (design, build, and operate infrastructure).

About Careers Opportunities:

Name of Company: Petrofac Limited
Primary Sector: Oilfield Services to the international oil and gas industry
Job Profile: 30 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Petrofac Limited
Name of Recruitment: Careers | Petrofac Recruiting
Job Location: Sharjah, UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Health insurance benefits, education assistance, work from home policy, transport facilities etc.
Last Updated on: 18th August 2022

The careers opportunity in Petrofac is open for everyone. In this case, the company highlights two options, The experienced professionals and early careers option. Both have different focuses and requirements. One thing that is for sure is that Petrofac values highly the sense of diversity and inclusivity.

Thus, the opportunity is always open for wider candidates. The diverse culture and strength of diversity is the highlight of Petrofac’s career. It said that by 2030, Petrofac has a goal to reach 30% women in senior roles. The company also promotes diversity and its inclusion with 80 nationalities employees listed under the company name.

  1. Early Careers

One of the career opportunities that Petrofac offer is the early career option. It is an open career for recent graduates that are considering building up career choices. It is a great chance for those who want to become part of the company and develop skills through the two-year program.

The two years journey is filled with a variety of training, interpersonal, and community development. It includes projects, roles, and functions. Students will be supported by mentors and colleagues to learn more. The opportunities bring up an immediate workforce and opportunities for the eager individuals who want to learn and make a real contribution.

  1. Professionals

Other than the new graduates and early career access, the applicant also has a chance to join the experience professionals career route. The particular opportunities brought up diverse options and fields to join. It includes sales and marketing, supply chain, project team, IT and digital, to delivery supply.

The professional career also highlights the company goal to keep continual development. It is especially in the sustainable energy sector. Thus, a higher standard and requirement will be given for the route. Again, they offer a range of job positions with an exciting project where the company works with energy supply industry clients.

List Of Petrofac Jobs Opportunities

  1. Deputy Manager – Electrical 1. <== Apply Here
  2. Deputy Manager – Electrical. <== Apply Here
  3. Deputy Manager – Mechanical (Beneficiation Process). <== Apply Here
  4. Deputy Manager – Mechanical (Phosphoric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  5. Deputy Manager – Mechanical (Sulphuric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  6. Deputy Manager – Piping (Beneficiation Process). <== Apply Here
  7. Deputy Manager – Piping (Phosphoric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  8. Deputy Manager – Piping (Sulphuric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  9. Deputy Manager – Process (Beneficiation Process). <== Apply Here
  10. Deputy Manager – Process (Phosphoric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  11. Deputy Manager – Process (Sulphuric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  12. Engineer I – Procurement. <== Apply Here
  13. Manager – Project Control. <== Apply Here
  14. Principal Engineer – Mechanical (HVAC). <== Apply Here
  15. Principal Engineer – Mechanical (Static) 1. <== Apply Here
  16. Principal Engineer – Mechanical (Static). <== Apply Here
  17. Principal Engineer – Planning. <== Apply Here
  18. Principal Officer – Logistics. <== Apply Here
  19. Project Engineering Manager (Beneficiation Process of Chemical Plants). <== Apply Here
  20. Project Engineering Manager (Phosphoric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  21. Project Engineering Manager (Sulphuric Acid Plant). <== Apply Here
  22. Project Interface Manager. <== Apply Here
  23. Senior Advisor – Training. <== Apply Here
  24. Senior Audit Manager. <== Apply Here
  25. Senior Engineer – Commissioning 1. <== Apply Here
  26. Senior Engineer – Commissioning 2. <== Apply Here
  27. Senior Engineer – Commissioning 3. <== Apply Here
  28. Senior Engineer – Cost Control. <== Apply Here
  29. Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor. <== Apply Here
  30. Tax Manager. <== Apply Here

How To Apply Petrofac Careers

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: Workforce Information Early and Professionals Petrofac | Latest Careers And Job Vacancies Update In UAE 2022

For easier job applications, Petrofac has an online site to do the deed. You can find the job portal through the official Petrofac website. Visit the job portal and you can start searching and apply for the desired job position. The job portal will show you all of the available job positions, the deadline, location, and a brief explanation.

You can find more details about the job position by clicking it and follow the instruction. As an example, the Telecomms Tech job position is part of the LOLER Rigger category. It is in Blackpool and Aberdeen, UK. In this case, Petrofac highlight some specific duties for Telecomm tech.

It consists of and is not limited to providing first and second-line support for the client. The job also includes planning maintenance, provide ad HOC support, and hours first-line support. The ideals requirement would be the candidate with offshore experience and certifications. If you are up for the challenge, click the apply for job button, log in, and follow the instruction.

If you are looking for a career opportunity with robust support, you can check out Petrofac. The corporation offers a range of job positions from different sectors and fields. Joining the energy company will make you being part of 9,400 employees. It also provides academy, early careers, and experience professional career. Check out the Petrofac official career site for more information.

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