Orange Hospitality Dubai – Job And Career In Boutique F&B Operator 2022

Being one of the sprouting businesses in the F&B industry made Orange Hospitality Limited gain popularity in UAE and UK. The company focus as an F&B operator, which serves and works with varying management or company industries. It includes working with special functions, occasions, and development. In one way or another, the company comes as a potential job seeker site.

It goes with the fact that the company also specializes in varying other services, including Pre-opening ceremony, product and brand development, franchise, operational & asset management for both international companies and independent owners. In one way or another, this is a perfect place for job seekers with F&B qualifications or expertise.

Work with Orange Hospitality

Name of Company: Orange Hospitality Group
Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
Job Profile: 5 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by Orange Hospitality Dubai Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Careers | Orange Hospitality
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai UAE
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 19th October 2022

Headquartered in London and Dubai, the company has its premise to prosper in the future. It goes with the fact that the company serves as an F&B operator for a wide array of services. With that in mind, the F&B firm also put a great mind and attention on its working environment and company.

OH put attention on embracing difference in any way. They also celebrate differences, which helps accept the diversity in the community. The diversity includes perspective, craft culinary ideas, unusual style, thinking, and innovation. They are considered as fuel, which pushes and enforce the company to develop and improve.

Training Academy

Being a company that keeps on growing push Orange Hospitality Limited to provide better training and development option. The company has its part of work and career philosophy. It means the F&B operator will keep on providing the best, most developed, and improved strong product and services knowledge.

The company academies are currently available in Dubai. The options are Il Borro Tuscan Bistro, one of the prestigious culinary destinations at Turtle Lagoon in Jumeirah Al Naseem. There is also Alici Academy located at Bluewaters island Dubai. The training and development programs are one of the reasons why you need to consider working in Orange Hospitality Dubai.

Job Offers And Availability

Considering the company is focused on being an F&B operator, most of its job availability will fall under the culinary positions. However, the demand and availabilities will change and differ depending on the place. Take an example of BarLady, the job offers available in a certain location with bar services.

It would be a different job position for a hotel or restaurant-based company. It likely comes with some offers surrounding Assistant head sommelier, chef, servers, and many other high-quality workers. Along with the readiness, there will be different qualifications depending on its need. For a head position, the preferences will be higher than others.

In many ways, you can expect varying F&B, culinary, and hospitality job offers in Orange Hospitality Limited. The culinary department will come with food-related works, including making, developing, and working as a team. The F&B department is a combination of kitchen work, hospitality, and services. It means the works include hosting, bartending, serving, or bussing.

At some points, you can also consider Front desk-related positions. Depending on the clients and services, it will come with different chances to join. The last is Cross training, which is available for F&B professionals and Hotel management experts. The option is available for interns or learners who are ready to join the company or learn more.

List Of Orange Hospitality Dubai Current Job Opportunities:

Josette Restaurant and Club Ltd Hiring NOW!! By Orange Hospitality Group

  1. Dorman
  2. Head Waiter
  3. Hostess
  4. Housekeeping
  5. Waiters

French speakers are a plus

Came your CV to:
[email protected]

Joining The Company

Application Instructions:
Apply Online:
Orange Hospitality Dubai – Job And Career In Boutique F&B Operator 2022

The company has not yet offered its specific job portal; however, the company is ready to provide information on every detail. The career page on its official site is the job details or information will be. The company will show whether jobs are available or not. For most, the company is looking for people that can provide an extraordinary culinary concept.

If you are one of them or have the ability to fulfill the idea, you can send your resume to the company’s email. For UAE citizens the email is [email protected], for UK citizens is [email protected]. Please note that the company will only share good news for the best candidate. Orange Hospitality also has social media to share information and job offers.

The Instagram account is @orange.hospitality, in which the company shares moments and information about the services. Another good social media option is a LinkedIn account. It is Orange Hospitality Dubai, where the company shares any information about the job availabilities. The LinkedIn account offers a quick job application, which you can do to apply for a job.

Orange Hospitality Limited is currently located in both London and Dubai. The headquarter is in London, but it keeps on sprouting and working with notable clients over the two cities. It is shown by its list of collections, which indicates a higher chance of better job availability in the future. If you are interested in working as an F&B operator, it is a good place to start your career.

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