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Morganti GCC is a comprehensive property management company based in Abu Dhabi that offers a range of services to its clients. Providing high-quality project management consultancy, facilities management and maintenance services, and fit-out design and build services can help ensure that properties are well-maintained, functional, and meet the needs of their owners or tenants.

Morganti GCC property management companies always maintain the trust and confidence of their clients by delivering reliable and effective services. These services can be provided to a variety of different types of properties, such as residential, commercial, and industrial.

Phone: +97126766755

About Morganti GCC Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: Morganti GCC
Primary Sector: Facilities Services
Job Profile: Multiple Open Jobs All Departments
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Morganti GCC Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Careers – Morganti GCC
Job Location: Jobs In Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive benefit
Last Updated on: 5th February 2024

  1. BMS Operator (10+ years’ experience)

BMS Operator: BMS stands for building management system. A BMS operator is responsible for monitoring and controlling the systems and equipment in a building, such as heating and cooling systems, security systems, and lighting. They may use specialized software to monitor and control these systems.

  1. CAFM Operator (10+ years’ experience)

CAFM Operator: CAFM stands for computer-aided facility management. A CAFM operator is responsible for using software to manage the maintenance and operation of a facility. This may include scheduling repairs, tracking inventory, and creating reports.

  1. Civil Engineer (15+ years’ experience)

Civil Engineer: A civil engineer is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and buildings. They may also be involved in the planning and management of construction projects.

  1. Facilities Engineer (15+ years’ experience)

Facilities Engineer: A facilities engineer is responsible for designing, maintaining, and improving the systems and equipment that support the operation of a facility. This may include electrical, mechanical, and plumbing systems, as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

  1. Facilities Inspector (10+ years’ experience)

Facilities Inspector: A facilities inspector is responsible for inspecting buildings and other facilities to ensure that they meet safety and quality standards. They may also be involved in the testing and maintenance of systems and equipment.

  1. Facilities Manager (20+ years’ experience)

Facilities Manager: A facilities manager is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of a building or group of buildings. This includes ensuring that the facility is safe and well-maintained, managing budgets and contracts, and coordinating with other departments to ensure that the facility is being used efficiently.

  1. Landscape Engineers (15+ years’ experience)

Landscape Engineer: A landscape engineer is responsible for designing and maintaining outdoor spaces, such as parks, gardens, and other green spaces. They may also be involved in the planning and management of construction projects related to landscaping.

  1. Project coordinator (15+ years’ experience)

Project Coordinator: A project coordinator is responsible for supporting the planning and execution of a project. This may include coordinating with team members, scheduling tasks, and tracking progress.

List Of Morganti GCC Jobs Opportunities | Newly Updated

Position Available
BMS Technician
Multi Technician
HVAC Technician
Electrical Technician
VRV Technician
Assistant Technician

Morganti GCC Hiring… Multiple roles at Morganti GCC – KSA Office

  1. Admin Support: 5+
  2. Administration Manager: 5+
  3. Assistant Commercial Manager: 10+
  4. Assistant Construction Manager: 2+
  5. Assistant MEP Manager: 7+
  6. Assistant Planner: 7+
  7. Assistant Project Manager: 10+
  8. BIM Engineer: 10+
  9. BIM Manager: 8+
  10. Civils / Infra / Public Realm Manager: 5+
  11. Commercial Director: 20+
  12. Commercial Manager: 10+
  13. Construction Manager: 15+
  14. Contract Administrator: 10+
  15. Defects Engineer: 10+
  16. Design Director: 20+
  17. Design Manager (Civil/Architectural): 15+
  18. Design Manager (MEP/Utilities/Systems): 15+
  19. Design Manager: 10+
  20. Document Control Manager: 20+
  21. Document Controller (EDMS): 7+
  22. Document Controller: 10+
  23. Driver: 3+
  24. HSE Engineer: 10+
  25. HSE Manager: 10+
  26. Inspector: 5+
  27. IT Support: 5+
  28. Land Surveyor: 10
  29. Landscape Manager: 10+
  30. Lead BIM Manager: 20
  31. Lead Construction Manager: 20+
  32. Lead Contracts & Commercial Manager: 20+
  33. Lead Design Manager: 20+
  34. Lead HSE Manager: 20
  35. Lead MEP Manager: 10+
  36. Lead Project Controls Manager: 20
  37. Lead QA/QC Manager: 20
  38. Lead Stakeholder / Interface Manager: 20
  39. LEED/Sustainability Manager: 5+
  40. Logistics Officer: 5+
  41. MEP Design Manager: 10+
  42. MEP Director: 20+
  43. MEP Manager: 10+
  44. Planning Director: 20+
  45. Planning Engineer: 10+
  46. Planning Manager: 10+
  47. Project Controls Manager: 10+
  48. Project Director: 25+
  49. Project Lead: 20+
  50. Project Manager: 20+
  51. QA/QC Engineer: 10+
  52. QA/QC Manager: 8+
  53. Reporting Manager: 8+
  54. Resident Engineer/Project Manager: 20+
  55. Risk Manager: 10+
  56. Secretary: 3+
  57. Site Engineer: 6+
  58. Site Inspector (Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Systems, Fire Safety, HSE, QA/QC): 10+
  59. Sr Aquatic Ecologist: 15+
  60. Sr Architect: 15+
  61. Sr BIM Manager: 15+
  62. Sr Civil Engineer: 15+
  63. Sr Claims Manager: 15+
  64. Sr Commercial/Contracts Manager: 15+
  65. Sr Construction Manager: 15+
  66. Sr Cost Manager: 15+
  67. Sr Design Manager: 13+
  68. Sr Electrical Engineer: 15+
  69. Sr Environmental Consultant: 15+
  70. Sr Finishing Supervisor: 15+
  71. Sr Geotechnical Engineer: 15+
  72. Sr Heritage Consultant: 15
  73. Sr HSE Manager: 10+
  74. Sr Hydrology Engineer: 15+
  75. Sr Interior Designer: 15+
  76. Sr Land Surveying Manager: 15+
  77. Sr Landscape Architect: 15+
  78. Sr Logistics Manager: 15+
  79. Sr Mechanical Engineer: 15+
  80. Sr MEP Manager: 10+
  81. Sr Project Controls Manager: 15+
  82. Sr Project Manager: 13+
  83. Sr Quantity Surveyor: 15+
  84. Sr Stakeholder/Interface Manager: 15+
  85. Sr Structural Engineer: 15+
  86. Sr Sustainability Consultant: 15+
  87. Sr Testing & Commissioning Manager: 15+
  88. Sr Town/Urban Planner: 15+
  89. Sr Utilities Engineer: 15+
  90. Stakeholder Manager: 8+
  91. Technical Lead/Design Director: 15+
  92. Testing and Commissioning Manager: 10+

Morganti GCC is looking for candidates who are willing to relocate to Jeddah, have a short notice period, have experience in facility management, and have at least 5 years of post-qualification experience.

It is important that you emphasize your readiness to relocate in your resume and cover letter, as well as your relevant experience in facility management and your post-qualification experience. It would be an advantage if you have a short notice period as well.

Additionally, it would be wise to tailor your resume and cover letter specifically to the requirements listed and highlight the skills and experiences that make you a strong fit for the role.

It’s also important to research the company, Morganti GCC and try to understand what they do, their vision and mission, and their values. This will allow you to show that you are genuinely interested in working with them and understand what they are looking for in a candidate.

Submit your CV to:
[email protected]

I hope this information helps you in your job search. Good luck!

How to apply:

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Morganti GCC Career – Employment & Facilities Services 2024

To apply for a position at Morganti GCC, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Prepare your CV: Your CV should include information about your education, work experience, skills, and any relevant accomplishments or awards. Make sure to proofread your CV for spelling and grammar errors.
  2. Go to the Morganti GCC website: You can find the website by searching for “Morganti GCC” in a search engine. Or to make it easier, please click apply online, which we have provided above.
  3. Look for the “Careers” or “Jobs” section: This is usually located in the footer or header of the website. Click on the link to access the job openings.
  4. Click on the “Apply” button: This will typically take you to an online application form that you will need to fill out.
  5. Submit your CV: You will usually be asked to upload your CV as part of the application process. Follow the instructions to attach your CV to the application form.
  6. Submit the application form: Once you have completed the application form and attached your CV, click the “Submit” button to send your application to Morganti GCC.

You may also be asked to provide additional information or documents, such as a cover letter or references, as part of the application process. Make sure to follow any additional instructions provided by Morganti GCC to ensure that your application is complete and accurate.

Alternative submit your CV:
[email protected]

Good Luck To You

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