Mi youth pastor vacancy Columbus Bible Church

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Mi youth pastor vacancy

Columbus Bible Church
Church in Columbus, Michigan
Address: 1770 Palms Rd, Columbus, MI 48063, United States. ==> Maps
Phone: +1 586-727-0870

Category: Youth Ministry

Posted on: 03 March 2020
Type of working time: Part-time

Job description:


Primary school teachers and leaders.
Oversees youth ministries and leads (and recruits), volunteers.
Keep a 13-month calendar with special events, lesson plans, etc.
Teen check-in Sunday morning
Developing relationships with teens and parents
Suggest ways to involve the youth in the church service as a whole
If possible, attend graduation ceremonies, sporting events, and other special events for young people
Draw up a growth report plan (numerically and spiritually) for young people
Sometimes a preaching service at large service
We realize that this is a part-time job, so the work and working hours from week to week can be very flexible to satisfy your specific situation. The successful candidate is not meant to do all this ministry work himself, but rather to inspire and guide others to do ministry work with him.

You will also work with senior pastors and assistants as a team and meet regularly.
Please register by email to [email protected]

About the Columbus Bible Church:

Columbus Bible Church is a loving congregation of fewer than 200 people in a rural setting but close to several small towns and only 10 minutes south of Port Huron.

Career qualifications:

Minimum qualifications:

Has a history of youth leadership and / or involvement in local church administrations?
Must meet the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5.
Secondary School Diploma
Must have a respected presence on social media (e.g. no swearing, no inappropriate images, no postings intended to cause controversy, etc.). If they are married, both parties are subject to these terms. (no need for social media presence)
You must submit to the Constitution and the Creed of the Biblical Church of Columbus and agree to it.
Be able to pass the background check
Elective qualifications:
Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
Established doctrine for revision of the council
Getting married (kids are a bonus!)
Comfort with modern technology
Musical talent (singing, musical instruments, etc.)

Careers Position information:

Post Title: Young Pastor
Time Type: Part-time
Job Category: Pastor & Youth Ministry
Salary: $ Less than 20,000
Type of organization: Church
Denomination: Bible Church
Worship style: mixed
Church Size: 100 – 250

Contact information:

Organization Name: Columbus Bible Church
Contact Name: James Smith
Address 1: 1770 Palms Rd
Address 2:
City: Columbus
State or Province: MI
Postcode (ZIP): 48063
Country: United States

Apply Email: [email protected]

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