Mechanical Engineering careers Opportunities 2021

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A Mechanical Engineering is a specialist engaged in the design, construction and operation of mechanical equipment, machines, officers in various fields of production and the national economy. This profession is suitable for those who are interested in physics and mathematics.

The mechanical engineer profession is considered universal. Representatives of this profession are involved in the production of material goods in all sectors of the national economy – from the production of household goods and food products to electronic technology and space rockets. Basic engineering education and work experience make it easy to navigate the constantly updated world of technology.

The mechanical engineer is a specialist well versed in modern technology and technology, creatively using engineering methods in solving mechanical problems, knowing the calculations and organization of industrial production in which he works.

Professional features Mechanical Engineering

A Mechanical Engineering may choose to specialize in a different direction – a designer, technologist or testing engineer.

The functional responsibilities of a mechanical engineer depend on the direction and scope of activity:

The designer is involved in the design and construction of machines and mechanisms, as well as systems for the mechanization of complex production.

The technologist regulates the process of installing and adjusting the mechanism and is actively involved in this. His responsibilities also include developing and organizing optimal technological processes using automation tools.

The tester performs direct testing and maintenance of the mechanism, analyzes the optimal conditions and mode of operation.

The specific activities of a mechanical engineer each day depend on the place of work. For example, a mechanical engineer at a machine-building plant, who works in a workshop, performs the following functions:

  • Check technical documentation;
  • Planning for equipment placement and workplace organization;
  • Calculate production capacity and equipment load;
  • Control the welding technology process, guide the welder’s work;
  • Check the correctness of the welding and product assembly process;
  • Carry out daily quality control of work, find defects;
  • Arrange for diagnostics, technical inspection and repair of mechanisms and equipment;
  • Prepare technical specifications for the reconstruction of existing equipment and manufacture of new equipment;
  • Take part in the development of complex projects for industrial engineering companies and in the calculation of the economic efficiency of the projects implemented.

A mechanical engineer working in an agro-industrial complex is engaged in:

  • Organizing agricultural company machinery and tractor fleets,
  • Supplying spare parts,
  • Components and materials.

The pros and cons of the Mechanical Engineering profession

The mechanical engineer profession is in high demand in the modern high-tech world, which is associated with the activation of manufacturing companies in all sectors of the national economy. In the era of widespread innovation in Russia, the demand for these specialists is increasing every day. Besides, there is a lack of true professionals.

The benefits of this profession include many options for specializations and fields of application.

The job of a mechanical engineer involves a risk of injury: bruises or fractures can occur in a production facility. Sounds and vibrations emanating from the operating mechanisms have a negative impact on the human body.

The workplace of the Mechanical Engineering profession

Mechanical engineers work in almost every branch of the national economy, military industry, science:

  • In production;
  • Under construction;
  • Agriculture;
  • Motorbike, road transport and repair companies;
  • In mining companies for the extraction and processing of natural raw materials;
  • In the laboratory of research institutes;
  • Nuclear power plant.

An important quality of the Mechanical Engineering profession

  • Good physical health
  • Technical thoughts
  • Interest in technology
  • Technical expert
  • Creative attitude to work
  • Accurate eyes
  • Fast reaction
  • Constructive and logical thinking
  • Analytical mind
  • Originality of thinking
  • Ability to concentrate
  • Organizational skills
  • Persistence and dedication
  • Ability to make responsible decisions.
  • Fluency in AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CorelDraw, SCAD, KOMPAS-3D programs required for theoretical preparatory work

Mechanical Engineering careers Opportunities 2021

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