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Giving a huge range of employment rates and vast coverage are two of many reasons why energy solution companies are here. Many companies always come up with open positions that cover more than just one sector or field. It includes the international marathon petroleum corporation that offers university and professional recruitment. Here are the details.

About The Company

Headquartered in Findlay, Ohio, the Marathon petroleum company runs the largest refining system in the nation. MPC has been branch out its marketing system across the United States. While there are ranges of MPC retail outlets, but the best one is the MPLX LP that provides light product transportation, logistics, and crude oil.

One of the biggest milestones is 1887, banded oil corporations. The company was started as Ohio Oil Company but later evolved as a Marathon with grander service and products. Newer oil refineries are blooming and continuously developing. In 2021, the company has around 57.84 stock performance.

About Jobs Opportunities

Name of Company: Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Primary Sector: Oil and gas
Job Profile: Professional And University Recruiting
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Marathon Petroleum Corporation
Name of Recruitment: Careers | Marathon Petroleum Corporation Jobs Recruiting
Job Location: Jobs In Worldwide
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Bachelor Degree/Diploma/High School
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Life Insurance | Accidental Death | Long-Term Disability | COBRA | Emergency Travel Assistance | Sick Benefits | and more

Internship And Co-Ops Career

To satisfy the ever-growing company and services, MPC has been one of the most regular companies that open new careers for everyone. And one of the most beneficial and promising is the internship and co-ops. It is a program that helps college graduates to go straight to Marathon and get their career kick starts.

In this program, students are assigned tasks that help to develop personal skills and experience. Mentors and professionals are ready to help. The Marathon Petroleum Corporation also creates varying areas for students to learns. It includes the pipeline, refining, engineering, marketing, as well as finance, and accounting.

Experienced Candidates Career Opportunity

Experienced candidates or workers recruitment are also available. MPC has an experienced professional recruitment program to help keep the business moving. In this case, the points are expertise, wisdom, determination, and confidence. It all goes to the fact that they can help operate, grow, and evolve the company in general.

One thing that makes the program great is the robust system and requirement details. The Marathon Petroleum Corporation has about 11 sectors that you can choose from. It also has military and veteran recruitment to honor those who have been part of the country. The positions are also ranging from different sectors, such as the office and fieldwork. Here are some of them.

  1. Engineering And Construction

As an oil refinery company, engineering and construction are one of the heart operations. The job description includes large capital project supervision, and complex maintenance supervise. It also has varying positions with different categories of expertise. Some of them are planning, refining, chemical, electrical, mechanical, etc.

  1. Drivers

To help to distribute the product and service, the company needs experienced drivers on the road. The day-to-day duties are not far from delivery and road operations. However, the company offers a great length of benefits to support drivers. It is for the support, safety, and environmental sustainability of the job sector.

  1. Midstream

Midstream is one of the primary Marathon Petroleum Corporation businesses that get a lot of attention. In this sector, professionals are meant to be part of the MPLX operations. Its focus is on natural gas, liquid, and crude oil operations, gathering, processing, and transport. Some of the featured job career positions are IT, technicians, engineering, accounting, etc.

  1. Finance And Accounting

The critical role of finance and accounting is the power of the company. The daily business will need qualified professionals to work in the dynamic and fast-paced atmosphere. Thus, some of the people needed are those who work in accounting, auditing, insurance, tax, credit analysis, and many more.

  1. HES&S

Due to the safety hazard environment of the oil refinery, the HES&S or health, environment, safety, and security are highlights demanded. Professionals will work to protect and proceed the company value the most. In this case, some of the open job positions are industrial hygiene, safety, security, or engineer.

How To Apply

Application Instructions:
Apply Online:
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For more information about the open job field, you can go to the Marathon Petroleum Corporation job portal. As for experienced candidates, go to the desired job field and click the Find the jobs button. For the students, choose the Explore internship and co-op opportunities button. Click the desired job and see all of the details before continuing with apply now button.

Or you can easily visit the link we have provided. Please click on the blue link “<== Apply Here”

As one of the integrated downstream energy companies, the company comes with a huge range of employment rates. It also works with worldwide operations, which later open up a bigger chance for international recruitment. The company also offers an experienced and students’ program. So, you can check out the official site for more information and a job portal.

Q & A: Questions and Answer

Q: Is Marathon Petroleum a good company to work for?
A: We highly recommend for candidates interested in working in the Oil and Gas industry to join this company.

Q: What does Marathon Petroleum do?
A: We’ve already explained in the paragraph “About The Company” please understand it.

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