Landmark Group: Open Multiple job opportunities | Vacancies June 2021

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Landmark Group

Landmark, the leading retail and hospitality group in the Middle East and India.

In 2017, the group launched the “Happiness Initiative” aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of 55,000 employees working in its stores across the Gulf Cooperation Council and India.

The initiative aims to enhance employee participation and build a culture of cooperative work and overall happiness for all, by improving the benefits they receive and enabling them to achieve an effective balance between their work and their lives.

Moreover, the Landmark Group expanded its initiative to include its customers also through special offers and improving the shopping experience. It also established “happiness kiosks” in its shopping destinations to encourage customers to share their happy stories, and many of them won distinguished gifts on the occasion of their birthdays after watching Fun offers in stores.

The Happiness Initiative, led by all Landmark Group employees, is an effective catalyst for the “happiness” approach, both within the group and in local communities.

Current Opportunities at Landmark Group career

  1. General Technician | 2100035S
  2. Assistant Manager-Finance | 21000310
  3. Assistant Manager – HR | 21000339
  4. Room Attendant | 21000336
  5. F&B Associate | 210000HM
  6. Front Office Shift Leader | 210002GI
  7. F&B Associate | 210002YH
  8. Sales Executive | 210002TJ
  9. F & B Supervisor | 210002U6
  10. Bartender | 210002U5
  11. Commis III | 210002RM
  12. Technician | 210002RB
  13. Duty Manager | 210002P8
  14. Commis Chef- Baker | 210002NC
  15. F&B Production Intern | 210002PS
  16. Accountant | 210001NB
  17. Commis II | 21000090
  18. Front Office Associate | 200002X2
  19. Marketing Executive | 210002HL
  20. Director of Revenue | 210002CF
  21. Cluster Reservations Manager | 210002CI
  22. HR Coordinator | 210002AS
  23. Commis I | 2100026X
  24. Front Office Associate | 2100026V
  25. F & B Supervisor | 200004HI

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How to apply at Landmark Group jobs

Please prepare the best CV you have, then click “Views & Apply” which we have provided in the column above. When you click the link, you will be directed to the official website of the company that needs new workers Landmark Group.

Hopefully you will quickly find your dream job. Success for you.

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  1. FazalKhaliq says:

    Dear sir/madam. I see your post on Facebook i am qualified driver and store keeper job my i live in Dubai my Visa states visit. I can join immediately.

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