Engineering, Technology, and Science Careers Path at KBR UAE 2022

KBR UAE is a branch company of KBR Inc., a global engineering construction company headquartered in Texas, the United States. Thus, it operates in engineering, technology, and science. Moreover, through the partnership with various clients, this company helps them with their most complex projects and programs come true.

About KBR

Through various clients, whether from the government or industry, KBR UAE commits to providing comprehensive and purposeful solutions in engineering, technology, and science. Thus, this company has a reliable portfolio in the service and a wide range of projects and missions emphasizing efficiency and safety.

With over 100 years of experience, this company has been a part of some of the world’s most influential projects. Furthermore, this group helps clients with commercial security, defense systems, mission IT, consulting, technologies, engineering, modeling, simulation, training, program management, operations, maintenance, logistic, revamps, conversions, and others.

Because the field of its operations is related to technology and engineering, this company has developed and explored innovative solutions to solve any challenge and problems for a better world. Moreover, this company also holds all leaders and employees to the highest business and personal integrity standards to serve the best while working here.

KBR Working Culture and Environment

Name of Company: KBR UAE
Primary Sector: Engineering Consultant
Job Profile: Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by KBR UAE Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Careers – KBR UAE
Job Location: Jobs In UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 23th September 2022

Every action and decision at KBR UAE is based on the vision and values that provide the framework for how this company operates. At the same time, the vision reminds this company to do and strive each day to deliver technology and solutions to help the clients’ complex projects or programs.

Moreover, this company implemented the essential values and enduring principles that drive the business activities and become the identity here. Then, these values are described in some key points implemented in its working culture and environment. So, all the leaders and employees here are expected to obey it.

The most important value here is the belief that people are the heart of everything. Because of that, this company strives to create a diverse and inclusive working environment. It aims to ensure the employees feel safe, respected, supported, trusted, and valued. They will also be given the same opportunities to learn and grow here.

Regarding the good behavior and culture of the employees, here are some values related to maintaining the integrity of the people here. These values include honesty, courage, trust, fairness, tenacity, and prudence. Through these, the employees are expected to take the right actions and make the right decisions in a good way.

Besides that, this company also empowers the employees to be adaptive to change, proactive, independent decision-makers, and not afraid to face any challenge. It will create a great mindset and produce great work performance. In addition, this company also encourages them to create a synchronized collaboration with the others in this company.

KBR Career Path

KBR UAE‘s goal is to help the clients to make the world better, safer, and more sustainable through the solutions to even the most complex projects and programs. To achieve this goal, a lot of people must join here. So that is why this company is always looking for people interested in working here. As a result, there is a job opening created for everyone.

More than that, this company also offers competitive benefits and compensation for everyone who works here. It encourages and motivates them to always give their best while working here. Moreover, through these advantages, it could be a reward for their dedication and hard work to improve this company each day.

Furthermore, a wide range of job opportunities is open for everyone. The job categories available in this company are Engineering, Technology, & Science, Logistics & Government Services, Support Services, Construction Services, Operations Support Group, Business Acquisition, also Executive & Operations Management.

On the company’s job portal, people can see detailed information about each job position, including the description, requirements, benefits, and even the location. It is also convenient for people who want to directly apply for the job because there is a section to send their resume to the hiring team as the first step of the application.

List Of KBR UAE Jobs Opportunities

  1. Associate Subcontracts Administrator. <== Apply Here
  2. CAD Design Supervisor I- Civil. <== Apply Here
  3. CAD Design Supervisor I -Piping. <== Apply Here
  4. Civil Engineer (Transmission Line Projects). <== Apply Here
  5. Construction Manager – PMC. <== Apply Here
  6. Contracts & Procurement Manager. <== Apply Here
  7. Data Manager. <== Apply Here
  8. Electrical (Transmission Line) Engineer – Power Projects. <== Apply Here
  9. Expeditor. <== Apply Here
  10. HSE Manager (Drilling). <== Apply Here
  11. Information Management Engineer (Data and Documents). <== Apply Here
  12. Information Management Engineer (SharePoint and Business Intelligence). <== Apply Here
  13. Lead Architectural Engineer. <== Apply Here
  14. Lead Electrical and Instrument – Grid Substation Engineer. <== Apply Here
  15. Lead Process Engineer. <== Apply Here
  16. Lead Process Engineer – PMC. <== Apply Here
  17. Lead Systems Engineer with LNG Project Experience. <== Apply Here
  18. Operations Coordinator. <== Apply Here
  19. Process Manager with LNG Project Experience. <== Apply Here
  20. Project Engineer – Flash Gas Recovery System. <== Apply Here
  21. Project Engineer – Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Contracts. <== Apply Here
  22. Project Engineer (Electrical). <== Apply Here
  23. Project Manager – Hospitals, Roads, infrastructure Projects. <== Apply Here
  24. Project Manager – PMC. <== Apply Here
  25. QA/QC Specialist – Offshore – 6*3 Rotation. <== Apply Here
  26. Receptionist – Emirati. <== Apply Here
  27. Roads Project Engineer. <== Apply Here
  28. Senior Attorney. <== Apply Here
  29. Senior Civil Engineer – Offshore. <== Apply Here
  30. Senior Contracts Engineer 1. <== Apply Here
  31. Senior Contracts Engineer 2. <== Apply Here
  32. Senior Contracts Engineer – Offshore – 6*3 Rotation. <== Apply Here
  33. Senior Electrical Engineer 1. <== Apply Here
  34. Senior Electrical Engineer 2. <== Apply Here
  35. Senior Engineer, Rotating Equipment Maintenance. <== Apply Here
  36. Senior Graphic Designer. <== Apply Here
  37. Senior HSE Engineer (Drilling) – 6/3 Offshore Rotation. <== Apply Here
  38. Senior HVAC Engineer. <== Apply Here
  39. Senior Interface Engineer – Technical – Offshore 6*3. <== Apply Here
  40. Senior Pipeline Engineer. <== Apply Here
  41. Senior Piping Engineer (PMC) – Onshore site. <== Apply Here
  42. Senior Procurement Engineer – Offshore – Island. <== Apply Here
  43. Senior Procurement Engineer – Onshore – Site based. <== Apply Here
  44. Senior Project Engineer (PMC) – Onshore site. <== Apply Here
  45. Senior Rotating Engineer (PMC) – Offshore (6/3 rotation). <== Apply Here
  46. Senior Rotating Engineer (PMC) – Onshore site. <== Apply Here
  47. Senior Static Engineer (PMC) – Offshore (6/3 rotation). <== Apply Here
  48. Senior Subsea Pipeline Engineer. <== Apply Here
  49. Senior Welding Engineer – Offshore. <== Apply Here
  50. Sr Business Development representative. <== Apply Here
  51. Sr. Process Engineer – PMC. <== Apply Here
  52. Subcontracts Manager. <== Apply Here

How to Apply for KBR UAE

Application Instruction:
Apply online: Engineering, Technology, and Science Careers Path at KBR UAE 2022

To get a job at KBR UAE, people can follow the application process steps at the company’s job portal. They can get the recruitment information and the place to submit their resume in one portal. In addition, they need to ensure the best resume is submitted there to gain the possibility of passing.

This company has an extraordinary portfolio in engineering, technologies, and science for various clients worldwide. So that is why here offers a great working culture, environment, also benefits that seem interesting. More than that, this company prioritizes the safety and health of the employees, which might be the best reason people should work here.

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