Huda Beauty UAE: Job And Vacancy Opportunities 2022 | This Is One Of The World’s Fastest-Growing Beauty Brands

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The beginning of technological development brings new job opportunities under the online marketing media. Among many shops and offers, the beauty industry still takes a reign in modern society. You can see it from one of the popular beauty brands and the online market. It has been flourishing since 2013, and offer various type of job vacations.

About Huda Beauty

Building a community under the cosmetic and online market gives the company ability to keep developing further. It started as a small online commercial, which later blossom into one of the fast-growing beauty markets with more than 500 employees. It has proven that the company is committed to keeping on going and bringing the best to every aspect of it.

As a brand, company, and community, Huda beauty underlines its fast-growing potential in the future market. It also shows the chance of bringing better and offer employment in a better working environment. Being a beauty product and brand also means that the company will always try to provide the best for the customer.

And one way to make it is by providing and investing in the best innovation and inspiration for every service. The owner’s experiences as a makeup artist are the fuel to improve the beauty industry, drive the business outcome, and cultivate a proper workforce. With global distribution and market in hand, the company is ready to bring more employees to support the company.

Specification And Services

Just as the company name says, Huda Beauty is a brand in the cosmetic industry. It provides, creates, and distributes varying types of cosmetics distribution globally. The company was started as a single small cosmetic marketplace. But later it blossoms and turns into one of the best or fast-growing cosmetic brands, community, and employment.

It was under retail industry, the company founded in 2013 has kept its trend and continuously provides the best for the customer. It is said and seen from the varying Huda Beauty cosmetic products, including for skin, body, brushes, lips, and eyes. Some products are also made specifically for certain skin conditions and goals.

About Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: Huda Beauty UAE
Primary Sector: Retail
Job Profile: 6 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Huda Beauty UAE Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Huda Beauty UAE – Current Openings
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 20th November 2022

Job Openings

With a clear name, growing company, and long-running business, this is one of the places with a huge prospect of employment. Considering it might have future expansion and demands, it means the company will always look for more workforce. In this case, some job openings in the retail, cosmetic, and beauty industries are open. Here are what you can expect.

  1. Director Of People Operations

Located in Dubai, UAE and hybrid, this is a job that comes with more than 200 applicants. The position is for a director with full-time employment. The position is on the higher ranking, in which the job duties include dedicating themselves to cultivating, engaging, and driving the company.

It is a key position in the company, which come with more difficult responsibilities and duties. It includes leading, mentoring, and coaching varying HR practitioners and staff. With a high position in hand, Huda Beauty emphasizes some serious qualifications. It composes 8+ years of experience, knowledge, skills, and a strong background in organizational management skills.

  1. Chief Operating Officer

The COO is another vital worker in the company, which later works as the second in command and is responsible for the business efficiency and efficacy. It comes with varying day-to-day operations that include higher rank and complicated tasks. That is why the company specifies and looking for people with expertise in the areas.

In this position, the company is looking for a candidate with 15+ years of experience. It also comes with an expert’s level of understanding, global operational strategy, communication skills, management ability, and analytical individual. Those high-level qualifications are meant to support the duties that work side by side with the higher position in the business body.

  1. Senior Commercial Manager

Another high-level position offered by the company is senior commercial manager. This is a role that mostly works with travel retail, partnership, and support for growing the company. With senior entail, the job duties include supporting TR growth, pricing, product work, optimizing BA, and working alongside internal stakeholders.

  1. Vice President Of Social

Under the executive leveled full-time position, this is a job that requests 10+ years of experience. It also needs at least 5+ years of leadership experience on global teams. Most of the experience will help employees run the Huda Beauty company with a high-level operation. Hence the position of vice president of social is open.

  1. And other

List Of Huda Beauty UAE Current Jobs Openings

  1. Assistant Manager of Product Development. <== Apply Here
  2. Global Copywriter. <== Apply Here
  3. Global PR Manager. <== Apply Here
  4. Influencer Marketing Executive. <== Apply Here
  5. Photographer. <== Apply Here
  6. Senior Global PR Executive. <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

How To Apply For a job

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Huda Beauty UAE Job And Vacancy Opportunities 2022

Please click on the link that we have provided above ” List of Huda Beauty UAE Current Jobs Openings ”, to send your job application letter.

Joining the ever-growing company give a better chance for every workforce to build a proper career and job portfolio. In this case, the company is one of the fast-growing beauty brands and firms that came out with various series of products. Every item is globally available and the job market is open to bringing the best quality works to the client’s hand.

Good Luck To You

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