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GEMS Metropole School

Established in September 2014, the name of GEMS Metropole school has grown rapidly in population and reputation. The school employs a British curriculum as its focus while boasting the technology, environment, and safety in the media-rich location. The school mainly offers a national curriculum for England from foundation stage to year 13 education.

About the school

Located at the Honsho Road, GEMS MTS is right in the middle of the motor city. The school is owned as a private institution under the name of GEMS education school in Dubai. It offers foundation stages (age 3) to year 13 learning stages (age 17). The international school employs a variety of IGCSE and A-level qualifications.

Underlining the function as a central hub, GEMS metropole emphasizes diverse communities that represent 50 languages spoken and 100 nationalities at the school. The number proved as a diversity and inclusivity point that highlighted tolerance over culture, diversity, heritage, and other common strengths.

To create the best study, Nav Iqbal as principal/CEO, mentions the class education through sport and extra-curricular activities. Students can join several activities, including performing arts, sport, learning club, technology, designs, and as well as languages.

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The school highlights four significant studies as their 2020 – 2023 vision. It is curriculum, Arabic, teaching and learning, and sustainability. On top of that, the school also wanted to be an inspiring and inclusive community hub. The vision also mentions a focus on global literacy, inclusion, freedom to learn, and a growth mindset to nurture knowledge.

There are also embedded skill visions that are realized from values of critical thinking, curiosity, communication, creativity, and collaboration. Lastly, the GEMS metropole school also underpinned students’ character through nurturing respect and kindness. It includes compassion, respect, kindness, and empathy.


The GEMS metropole introduces NCfE or National curriculum for England to plan well organized, challenging, and engaging lessons for the learning pedagogies. Other than the NCfE, the school also provides Islamic studies as part of the curriculum from year 1 to 12. It is for native and non-native Arabic speaker Muslims.

  1. Foundation Stage

With more than 13-year experience in the early year’s education system, Gemma Brown as the head of the foundation stage employs the EYFS curriculum. It focuses on seven areas of learning and development, such as understanding the world, expressive arts, and design, literacy, mathematics, personal social & development, physical development, and communication & language.

  1. Primary

GEMS gained GOOD rating from KHDA under the head of Primary school Joanne Vickers. The primary curriculum focuses on spoken language, phonic & early reading, reading, writing, math, and science.

  1. Secondary

Mark McAdam acts as the head of the secondary school and leadership team. The institution offers key stage 3 and 4 as the course options. Meanwhile, the focus of the secondary curriculum mainly focuses on English, math, and science.

  1. Sixth Form

Available for year 12 to year 13, the sixth form runs under Sara Thomas as head of the department. In this stage, the school offers personalized pathways for the students including international assessment of AS and A, traditional IAS and IA Levels, or the post-16 phase course.

The international school also provides Inclusion MTS, which gains a Very good KHDA rate. The inclusion courses and programs work as special education that underlines inclusivity in education.

Campus And Facilities

The school has a large building that is separated into sections for every grade. It has other facilities, such as internet connection, computer suite, laboratories, club rooms, workspaces, libraries, IELTS testing center, etc. There are also some sports facilities, including 2 multipurpose halls, swimming pools, dance studios, and multigame areas.

Career Join

GEMS Metropole School offers a vast amount of careers with more than 30% of the staff are in non-teaching roles. In 2019, the school welcomed over 1,800 new teachers and education professionals alone. Working in the school also ensures the possibilities to widen the employee’s career, including moving to a new country along with the family.

A recruit can choose jobs offered as a teacher, corporate office, or leadership roles at GEMS schools. It includes Indian schools, American & IB schools, and British school’s experiences. The school also underlines diversity for the staff. Thus, overseas hire teachers will have the same opportunity as the local ones.

The private education company also offers a range of employee benefits. It consists of a family of teacher cares, development programs (training, leadership, and professional development program), it also brings rest and play, healthy minds & healthy body, travel assistance, employee assistance, and discount & offers.

Jobs Details | Closing Date

  1. Assistant Head Teacher – Early Years | 18 February 2021
  2. Primary ICT Teacher | 28 July 2021
  3. Music Teacher | 31 May 2021
  4. Secondary School Art Teacher | 31 May 2021
  5. MTS – Teacher of Arabic B | 31 January 2021
  6. MTS – Teacher of Arabic A | 31 January 2021
  7. MTS – Teacher of Islamic A & B | 31 January 2021
  8. MTS – Head of Islamic Studies | 31 January 2021
  9. Head of Year – Primary | 31 May 2021
  10. Primary Music Teacher | 30 June 2021
  11. Primary Teacher | 31 May 2021
  12. Foundation Stage Teacher | 31 May 2021
  13. MFL Teacher – French | 31 May 2021
  14. English Teacher | 31 May 2021
  15. Head of English | 31 May 2021
  16. Maths Teacher | 31 May 2021
  17. Physics Teacher | 31 May 2021
  18. Biology Teacher | 31 May 2021
  19. Head of Science | 31 May 2021
  20. Drama Teacher | 31 May 2021
  21. Teacher of Engineering (BTEC Level 3) | 31 May 2021
  22. Director of Performing Arts | 31 May 2021
  23. Teaching and Learning Coach, Secondary | 31 May 2021
  24. Teacher of Sociology | 31 January 2021
  25. Head of PE | 7 February 2021

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