Flydubai Career: Latest job opening | New multiple Vacancies 2021

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Flydubai Career

About Flydubai

Dubai Aviation Corporation is a large company that owns and manages several companies, and one of the company’s brands has the Flydubai brand.

Flydubai is a low-cost airline. The fares charged to users of this aircraft are quite competitive with several other airlines. The aircraft service industry of this company operates in 2 Terminals of Dubai International Airport.

About jobs opportunities:

Having a job at flydubai is not just an ordinary job. Because if you have the opportunity to work in this company, you will get the opportunity to continue to develop in your career to get to a better career path, because this company really cares about the professional career path of all its employees.

The full support provided for all employees at Flydubai is very complete, this is done by the company to achieve the full target of a very satisfying service for all service users of this company.

Company supports for employees pursuing a career at Flydubai includes:

Provide tools to carry out work while employees are on duty to carry out their daily work routines
Provide access to training for all Divisions, including learning new skills, learning and Building Leadership Development Programs
Providing an e-learning Portal “Learning processes are carried out using electronic media such as using the internet”, in the e-learning portal provided by Flydubai, all employees can easily access and learn all materials to improve your ability to work, including among others: time management and Microsoft Office courses.

Benefits Package of working in Flydubai

In the article above we have mentioned some of the company’s support for employees who work at this company, then we will provide several comprehensive benefit packages if you are hired and pass the selection to work in Flydubai

Some of the benefits will of course be different from the burden of responsibility that each Division has. Or the job role you want to apply for, the benefits you will get will certainly be different.

These benefits generally consist of the following:

You will get a competitive tax-free income/Salary, when compared to the same industry as in other major countries such as: Europe and North America.

  • Salary will always be updated once a year, by looking at several aspects of the company’s point of view, all employees have the opportunity to get a promotion from a position or title, to a higher position or title, with salary, facilities, responsibilities, and greater opportunities.
  • Get a housing allowance as part of your monthly salary.
  • All employees who work in this company will get very complete health insurance, not only employees, the families of the employees concerned will also benefit from this insurance.
  • Annual education allowance for employees who have children who when you officially become an employee your child goes to school.
  • Get discount Flydubai tickets, these discount tickets are not limited to staff and close families of all employees, not only Flydubai airlines, employees of this company also get the benefits of discount flights on other partner airlines.
  • Get a wide range of discounts and staff offers on all local products and services partnered with Flydubai. A number of sports and social clubs are part of it.
  • Continuing Profession Development Program, sustainable learning and growth training.
  • Getting annual leave, the annual leave is in the form of: Every worker is entitled to annual leave, at least 21 working days other than national holidays.
  • Percentage of end of service period calculated in accordance with the UAE Employment Act.
  • Government Pension Scheme for eligible UAE and GCC citizens.

List of jobs opportunities: Flydubai Career

  1. IT Network Engineer (Security & Cloud). <== Apply Here
    🔍Dubai | UAE
  2. Team Leader – Security (Facilities). <== Apply Here
    🔍Dubai | UAE
  3. Agent – Contact Centre. <== Apply Here
    🔍Dubai | UAE
  4. Airport Services Coordinator. <== Apply Here
    🔍Dubai | UAE
  5. IT Application Architect (PSS). <== Apply Here
    🔍Hyderabad, Telangana, India
  6. IT Testing Officer (IDC). <== Apply Here
    🔍Hyderabad, Telangana, India

How to apply

Please click on the blue link, “List of jobs opportunities: Flydubai Career”. The link will automatically direct you to the official Flydubai recruitment division website.

Good luck to you

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