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Energy service companies are one of the fields that continue to experience sustainable development. For these reasons, Expro companies will always open up career opportunities in fields that match the classification. With various energy sectors undertaken, the company is continuously using innovative technology and professional staff. For more, read the following information.

About the Company

As an energy service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, US, this company has a long history of success. The company is recognized for its outstanding performance fighting for the safety of its staff. As a result, this has resulted in a long-term partnership that gives the company a lot of trust.

To maintain the success achieved, the company focuses on developing the power of data and digital transformation as a driving factor for their trust. Meanwhile, the license used to work holds a strong reputation for competence and an innovative team. Fragments are a form of unrelenting commitment to customer service.

What The Company Offer to Employee

If you join the company, the staff will get benefits and compensation that is so abundant. It includes salary, finances, pensions, vacations, and health insurance. All benefits will be offered to candidates after becoming part of the Expro. That way, you can work in a safe and comfortable environment according to the position you are applying for.

In other words, employees who have joined the company will get a competitive total compensation package. For every budget, there are three medical plan options: corporate health savings accounts, complete dental care, vision, and flexible spending accounts for medical care and dependents.

In addition, there is also life insurance that the company pays for as a whole and insurance for death and withholding due to accidents (short-term and long-term disability). In addition, there is a generous paid leave program for the welfare of the employees. Additionally, interstate relocation assistance is available to qualified candidates.

About Job Opportunity

Name of Company: Expro International Group
Primary Sector: Energy Exploration
Job Profile: 64 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by Expro Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Careers | Expro
Job Location: Jobs In Worldwide
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Great
Last Updated on: 4th January 2022

  1. Operation
    Having the concept to run the entire life cycle, the company is the best cycle energy service expert. The company is recruiting Assistant Slickline Operators to be on the Well Intervention team to develop superior performance. Successful candidates will be asked to support the Expro team in running the slackline or offshore intervention equipment.

All are done according to company procedures to ensure quality services for clients. This position will professionally liaise with client representatives and ensure overall quality. For these reasons, the required job knowledge and qualification is someone with practical experience in mechanical engineering.

  1. Supply Chain
    For the procurement of goods and services needed by the business, the company is recruiting the position of Buyer 1 to join the Supply Chain team. This position will carry out the main activities by receiving generic specifications and obtaining competitive offers from suppliers that meet company standards. As a result, this will make the company run better.

That is why experience in purchasing or materials environments with five years of experience is required. In addition, applicants must be proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, and Word) and MRP/ERP systems (preferably SAP). The company will prefer previous experience in supplier evaluation, negotiation, and preparation of purchase orders.

  1. IT
    Combining high-quality, innovative technology in good construction, Expro is opening up jobs in the IT field. Candidates who qualify as IT Network Analysts can join the IT team based in Houston. The purpose of this work will be to ensure the entire controlled operation of the company network. It includes all matters relating to network hardware, software, and communication links.

The job knowledge and qualifications for the candidate applying are a relevant degree or equivalent in computer science. But it is possible to use for a degree or other relevant discipline. In addition, a minimum of 7 years and four years of experience are required in implementing enterprise network solutions in the field.

  1. Business Development
    The company is looking for suitable candidates for Enterprise Development Analyst. The purpose of this position will be to be responsible for carrying out the company’s strategy to the fullest in the business. This position also provides effective two-way communication between the main groups with finances. Thus, a bachelor’s degree in business or accounting is required.
  1. And more. …

List of Expro Jobs Opportunities

  1. Administrator 1. <== Apply Here
  2. Assistant Operator – Wireline. <== Apply Here
  3. Assistant Operator – Wireline (Groningen). <== Apply Here
  4. Assistant Operator. <== Apply Here
  5. Assistant Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  6. Assistant Slickline Operator. <== Apply Here
  7. Assistant Wireline Operator (Roma). <== Apply Here
  8. Business Development Graduate Intern. <== Apply Here
  9. Buyer 1. <== Apply Here
  10. Cased Hole Field Engineer. <== Apply Here
  11. HSEQ Coordinator 1. <== Apply Here
  12. IT Development Team Leader. <== Apply Here
  13. IT Network Analyst. <== Apply Here
  14. IT Systems Administrator. <== Apply Here
  15. Laboratory Analyst. <== Apply Here
  16. Logistics Coordinator 1. <== Apply Here
  17. Maintenance Technician – Electrician. <== Apply Here
  18. Market Intelligence Analyst. <== Apply Here
  19. Operations Support Engineer 3. <== Apply Here
  20. Operations Support Engineer 3. <== Apply Here
  21. Operations Support Engineer 3. <== Apply Here
  22. Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  23. Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  24. Operator 1 – Field Engineer. <== Apply Here
  25. Operator 2. <== Apply Here
  26. Operator 3. <== Apply Here
  27. RWIS Senior Technician. <== Apply Here
  28. RWIS Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  29. Senior Buyer. <== Apply Here
  30. Senior Field Engineer. <== Apply Here
  31. Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  32. Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  33. Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  34. Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  35. Senior Operator 3. <== Apply Here
  36. Senior Operator, Slickline. <== Apply Here
  37. Senior Software Developer. <== Apply Here
  38. Senior Subsea Operator – Night Shift & Day Shift. <== Apply Here
  39. Senior Technical Sales Manager – LWI. <== Apply Here
  40. Senior Well Test / DAQ Operator. <== Apply Here
  41. Senior Well Test Operator (Perth). <== Apply Here
  42. Senior Well Test Operator (Perth). <== Apply Here
  43. Senior Workshop/Maintenance Technician. <== Apply Here
  44. Senior Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Coil Hose. <== Apply Here
  45. Slickline Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  46. Slickline Trainee. <== Apply Here
  47. Subsea Graduate Trainee. <== Apply Here
  48. Subsea Operator – Night Shift. <== Apply Here
  49. Subsea Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  50. Subsea Workshop/Maintenance Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  51. Supervisor 1. <== Apply Here
  52. Supervisor 1. <== Apply Here
  53. Supervisor 2. <== Apply Here
  54. Technical Sales Representative – LWI. <== Apply Here
  55. Well test Graduate Trainee. <== Apply Here
  56. Well Test Operator (Perth). <== Apply Here
  57. Well Test Workshop/Maintenance Technician. <== Apply Here
  58. Well Test Workshop/Maintenance Technician (Perth). <== Apply Here
  59. Well test Senior Operator 1. <== Apply Here
  60. Wireline Supervisor (Perth). <== Apply Here
  61. Workshop / Maintenance Technician – Cased Hole. <== Apply Here
  62. Workshop/Maintenance Assistant. <== Apply Here
  63. Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Electrohydraulic. <== Apply Here
  64. Workshop/Maintenance Technician – Subsea. <== Apply Here

How to Apply for a Job

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Expro Jobs Vacancies 2022

The only way to apply for a job at Expro is to access the official website. Before applying, you can find more information about safe recruitment by visiting exprogroup.com and accessing the safe application menu. After that, select the chosen position and send your CV and cover letter according to the required qualifications.

Overall, this energy services company provides a wide range of opportunities to the candidates out there. In the field of operations, companies also need innovative, creative, and experienced candidates. That is why several positions such as business development, IT, and supply chain are required by companies today.

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