Etihad Airways International Airline: Opens Multiple jobs opportunities Etihad Cargo and Catering in May 2021

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About Etihad Airways International Airline

Etihad Airways is the national airline of the UAE based in Abu Dhabi. The airline was founded in 2003 under the slogan “From Abu Dhabi to the World”. Etihad is currently one of the fastest growing airlines.

As one of the fastest growing airlines, Etihad Airways received many awards for its achievements. For five consecutive years, Etihad Airways was awarded the World’s Leading Airline award from the World Travel Awards. In 2013, Etihad Airways was awarded airline of the year, Best Airline First Class, and Best Airport Lounges by Global Traveler Magazine.

About job opportunities:

Etihad Airways’ recruitment division has announced job opportunities for several positions that must be filled immediately.

Eligibility criteria:

If you want to join Etihad Airways International airline, make sure you have “at least 1-2 years” work experience, which corresponds to the job opportunities currently open in “EAIA” recruitment division.

  • Understanding Work.
  • Recognizing Differences.
  • Customer Focus.
  • Team Work.
  • Able to adapt to the work environment quickly.
  • Taking Responsibility in the event of an unintended incident.

Job Location: Abu Dhabi

Closing date:

The closing date of the job opportunity “EAIA” is: May 26 2021.

Candidates interested in joining “EAIA”, we recommend, send a job application letter as soon as possible, to the recruitment division “EAIA”

Please prepare your application letter as best you can. Tell to “Recruitment division EAIA”, through your CV, all the work experience you have and include also, the reason why the “EAIA” hiring division should choose you as a new employee.

Announcements made by the “Recruitment division EAIA”, will only be available to candidates who pass the selection, in accordance with the established standards, “EAIA” career division.

If you do not receive an interview call from a “Human Resource Coordinator EAIA” within 21 days of the date of submission of your cover letter, we regret to inform you that your application has not been accepted by “EAIA” recruitment division.

List of job opportunities: Etihad Airways

Closing date: May 26 2021.

  1. Executive Sous Chef. <== Apply Email
  2. Supervisor Sous Chef. <== Apply Email
  3. Junior Sous Chef. <== Apply Email
  4. Demi Chef. <== Apply Email
  5. Commis Chef. <== Apply Email
  6. Catering Assistant. <== Apply Email
  7. Butcher. <== Apply Email
  8. Front House Team Lead. <== Apply Email
  9. Store Supervisor. <== Apply Email
  10. Storekeeper. <== Apply Email
  11. Forklift Driver. <== Apply Email
  12. Store Assistant. <== Apply Email
  13. Cashier/Administrator. <== Apply Email

List of Job opportunities: Etihad Cargo and Catering Jobs | recruitment site

Closing date: Not specified

  1. Pest Controller. <== View & Apply
  2. Finance Administrator. <== View & Apply
  3. Cook. <== View & Apply
  4. Butcher I. <== View & Apply
  5. Cashier. <== View & Apply
  6. Procurement Supervisor. <== View & Apply
  7. Logistics Assistants. <== View & Apply
  8. Sous-Chef (Supervisors). <== View & Apply
  9. Commi. <== View & Apply
  10. Catering Assistant (Store Assistance). <== View & Apply
  11. Store Keeper. <== View & Apply
  12. Demi Chef. <== View & Apply
  13. Commi. <== View & Apply
  14. Junior Sous Chef. <== View & Apply
  15. Sous-Chef. <== View & Apply
  16. Catering Assistant -Cleaning. <== View & Apply

How to Apply: Etihad Airways Email Address

How to apply for “EAIA” job opportunities is very easy, please click the blue link, “List of job opportunities: Etihad Airways” link will automatically redirect you to the official email address of the recruitment division / Human Resource Coordinator “EAIA”, then please send your CV “Curriculum Vitae” to that email address.

Or send CV to: [email protected]

How to Apply: Etihad Cargo and Catering Jobs | recruitment site

Click Blue Link in “List of Job opportunities: Etihad Cargo and Catering Jobs | recruitment site”. Read all the information provided by the recruitment division “EAIA” on the site, “Make sure, you read carefully and clearly”. then please click Apply, create a job seeker account, and fill in all the data requested to submit your application letter.

Good Luck To You.

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