Element West Bay Doha – Hospitality Careers Opportunity in Qatar 2022

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Element West Bay Doha brings a sense of well-being through a nature-influenced environment. Thus, this hotel is built with the efficiency-use of space and focuses on the sustainability principle. Therefore, this hotel can help the guest stay connected, feel alive, and balanced by the strategic location in the middle of Doha City.

About the Hotel

Element West Bay Doha reflects the smart design of urban residences. Through the flowing layouts of the rooms here, this hotel strives to maximize the space and allows the guest to use it in multiple ways. The option of rooms here is studios, one-bedroom apartments, two bedrooms apartments, and three bedrooms apartments.

Each room has a signature and comfortable bed and a fully equipped kitchen. Furthermore, the facilities provided include an indoor pool, hot tub, on-site fitness center, spa, meeting space, gift shop, restaurant, lobby cafe, lobby lounge, and parking area. People can enjoy their elevated lifestyle while staying here.

About Element West Bay Doha Jobs Opportunities:

Name of Company: Element West Bay Doha
Primary Sector: Leisure and Tourism
Job Profile: 64 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by Element West Bay Doha Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Element West Bay Doha | Marriott Hotels Careers
Job Location: Jobs In Doha
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per Qatar Labor Law
Last Updated on: 17th September 2022

Working Culture and Environment

Marriott, as the parents’ group of Element West Bay Doha, is trying to create a working environment that is aware of its people. It is also implemented in how this hotel work. Thus, all the people who work here will be prioritized, and they will get the opportunity to learn and grow with full support.

Therefore, this hotel invites people to join here by providing a wide range of career opportunities. As a result, being the staff here means that people will participate in making a great movement in terms of hospitality. Thus, it will help them to achieve their dream and get a better future here.

The goal of this hotel is to succeed together with the people, and this hotel strives to provide a positive working environment for the staff, which can be a place where people can feel safe in the physical, emotional, and financial balance here. Furthermore, it can give them a warm, comfortable and like-a-home atmosphere.

More than that, this hotel is aware of taking care of the staff, makes them valuable people while working here and has a good relationship with each other like family. It is also completed with unlimited opportunities here. It aims to expand their ability and interest. So that is why trying to be a part of its positive and supportive working environment.

Working Benefits

Element West Bay Doha offers various benefits for people who work here. It includes the travel perks and benefits that allow them to explore the world conveniently in terms of accommodations, particularly the generous hotels and restaurants’ special offers. It is very interesting because they can travel worldwide at special rates.

Then, there are comprehensive and competitive benefits for the staff. Where it includes the recognition and rewards program as additional things, it is purposed to recognize and reward the people’s hard work and dedication while working here. However, it can also motivate them always give their best when working.

In addition, related to the global scope of this hotel, the working environment here is adapted the diversity and inclusive values. It is realized by the welcoming and multicultural behavior implemented in this workplace. It hopes to create a good relationship between the hotel staff. In short, this hotel has numerous benefits and a great working environment.

Careers Opportunity

Element West Bay Doha has three major careers available for everyone. Firstly, there is Hotel Jobs that include Host, Artist, Planner, and Quality Keeper positions. Therefore, they are responsible for being the frontline in facing and serving the guest. So, people in this area are expected to give a whole-hearted smile and service when working.

Secondly, there are Residence Jobs that consist of people responsible for ensuring the resident of this hotel enjoy their elevated lifestyle daily. Professionally, they will help people to create memorable stories while staying here. Thus, this job area gives the staff incredible working experience.

Lastly, there are Corporate Jobs only available for this hotel’s headquarters and regional office. Moreover, people who work there are separated into two major divisions, including Ambassadors and Brand Champions. Under these two divisions, there are few positions available from low up to high entry level.

List Of Current Element West Bay Doha Jobs Opportunities:


  1. Administrative Assistant to the Hotel Manager. <== Apply Here

Engineering & Facilities

  1. Assistant Chief Engineer. <== Apply Here
  2. Carpenter. <== Apply Here
  3. Engineering Assistant (Helper). <== Apply Here
  4. MRT (Make Ready Team/Ken Fix Technician). <== Apply Here
  5. Electrical Technician. <== Apply Here
  6. Mason. <== Apply Here
  7. Plumber. <== Apply Here
  8. Painter/Polisher. <== Apply Here
  9. Kitchen & Laundry Technician. <== Apply Here
  10. Plant Operator. <== Apply Here

Food and Beverage & Culinary

  1. Bartender – American cuisine. <== Apply Here
  2. Chef de Partie – Club 33. <== Apply Here
  3. Assistant Sous Chef (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  4. Stewarding Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  5. Assistant Sous Chef – Main Kitchen/Arabic. <== Apply Here
  6. Assistant Chief Steward. <== Apply Here
  7. Head Chef (American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  8. F&B Service Expert. <== Apply Here
  9. Chef de Partie (Pastry). <== Apply Here
  10. Bar Assistant Manager (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  11. Chef de Partie (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  12. Demi Chef de Partie (Bakery). <== Apply Here
  13. Demi Chef de Partie (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  14. Commis 2 (Employee Dining Room). <== Apply Here
  15. Commis 1 (Bar & lounge. <== Apply Here
  16. F&B Store Clerk. <== Apply Here
  17. Chef de Partie (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  18. Barista. <== Apply Here
  19. Bartender (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  20. Bartender (Pool Bar). <== Apply Here
  21. Restaurant Assistant Manager (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  22. Restaurant Manager (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  23. Hostess (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  24. Head Bartender (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  25. Demi Chef de Partie (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  26. Bar & Lounge Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  27. Chef de Partie (Employee Dining Room). <== Apply Here
  28. Commis 2 (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  29. Commis 1 (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  30. Stewarding Shift Leader. <== Apply Here
  31. Heart of House Specialist – Stewarding. <== Apply Here
  32. Commis 2 (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  33. Demi Chef de Partie (Main Kitchen – Arabic, Doh). <== Apply Here
  34. Commis 1 (Main Kitchen). <== Apply Here
  35. Demi Chef de Partie (Pastry). <== Apply Here
  36. F&B Service Expert (Bar & Lounge). <== Apply Here
  37. Bar & Lounge Manager. <== Apply Here
  38. Commis 1 (Employee Dining Room). <== Apply Here
  39. Food and Beverage Manager. <== Apply Here
  40. Restaurant Supervisor (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here
  41. F&B Service Expert (All Day Dining – American Cuisine). <== Apply Here

Golf, Fitness, & Entertainment

  1. Recreation Experience Expert (Spa/Pool attendants). <== Apply Here
  2. Life Guard Attendant. <== Apply Here

Housekeeping & Laundry

  1. Hotel Cleanliness/Housekeeping Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  2. Hotel Cleanliness Expert. <== Apply Here
  3. Hotel Cleanliness Expert (HK attendant). <== Apply Here
  4. Housekeeping Shift Leader. <== Apply Here

Information Technology

  1. IT Supervisor. <== Apply Here

Procurement, Purchasing, and Quality Assurance

  1. Receiving Clerk. <== Apply Here

Property Leadership

  1. Hotel Manager. <== Apply Here

Rooms & Guest Services Operations

  1. Guest Experience Expert – Reception. <== Apply Here
  2. Guest Arrival Expert – Bell/Doorman. <== Apply Here


  1. Spa Therapist. <== Apply Here

How to Apply

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: Element West Bay Doha – Hospitality Careers Opportunity in Qatar 2022

To get a job at Element West Bay Doha, people can visit the hotel’s portal for recent information about job openings. Therefore, there is available the job description, also the requirements. People can find which position is suitable for them and apply directly by submitting their resumes in the section available and then waiting for the result.

Considering the scope and quality of this hotel, it opens the possibility to get a great career if people work here. The working culture and environment, also the benefits offered by this hotel to the staff. So do not miss out on this great chance to get a great career in hospitality through this hotel.

Good Luck To You

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