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A driver is a person who professionally drives a freight, light, special, or passenger vehicle. In addition to his direct duties, he can also perform others: a security guard, forwarder, instructor, courier, etc.

While driving, the driver is responsible not only for himself, but also for the lives of other people: passengers, pedestrians.

History of the profession
The profession of a driver in its modern sense appeared simultaneously with cars. At that time, not everyone dared to drive a mechanical horse, so specially trained people drove the machines.

In the Russian Empire, there was a profession “shoffer”. This was the name of the people who set the self-propelled crew in motion. Before that, it was required to perform many operations: if possible, install the device horizontally, connect the muffler and the exhaust pipe, fill in gasoline, ensure its supply, drain the excess, twist the starter handle five times, reduce the pressure in the cylinder, adjust the fuel supply. If after these manipulations the engine did not start, then the driver had to drain the fuel and start all over again. Driving the car required a lot of physical effort, because the steering wheel and pedals were difficult to move.

Features of the profession

The profession of a driver is in great demand. Professionals are required almost everywhere: public transport, medicine, construction, cargo transportation, trade, etc.

If people who enjoy driving, they are the right person to work as a driver. Others may be scared off by the disadvantages of the profession. The driver has to spend a lot of time sitting in one position, which leads to occupational diseases. Working conditions can be difficult: fog, ice, heavy rain, snowfall, heat, bad or dangerous roads. Often, on the way, you need to repair a car yourself in extreme conditions.

If the work involves long-distance travel, then you have to spend the night right in the cab.

The advantages of the profession include the ability to travel. Often a driver drives alone for a long time, which can be difficult for extroverts.

The profession of a driver means working not only in the car, but also in the garage. Before leaving, you need to check the serviceability of the car, the presence of oil and gasoline. After the end of the working day, minimal maintenance should be performed: inspection, washing, lubrication, etc. On the way, the driver assesses the situation on the road, makes decisions about further actions: perform a maneuver, change the route, etc.

Important qualities

Working as a driver requires:
  • care;
  • ability to quickly switch;
  • concentrate on the road;
  • assess the situation and instantly make decisions in a stressful situation.
Also required:
  • excellent eye;
  • spatial thinking;
  • fast reaction;
  • the ability to navigate the terrain;
  • endurance;
  • good memory. Self-confidence,
  • endurance,
  • emotional stability,
  • patience,
  • responsibility will be useful.

The state of health is also of great importance; for some diseases, driving a car is strictly prohibited.

Skills and knowledge
The driver is obliged to know the rules of the road and behavior on the road. He is required to have knowledge of the device of the car, the ability to eliminate a simple breakdown and provide first aid.

Prospects and career
A driver is a profession that does not imply career growth. But having a lot of work experience, recommendations, and possessing certain personal qualities, you can get a well-paid position.

Many drivers choose to work for themselves, doing a private carriage, starting their own transportation business, or opening driving courses. It is not uncommon for drivers to become instructors.

If you wish and have the appropriate experience, you can become a truck driver.

The driver needs education. You can get a driver’s license after graduating from auto courses or educational institutions (course, college, and technical school).

After training, the driver is assigned a category, depending on which he has the right to drive one or another type of transport. You can get a license of a higher category only after successfully passing the exam. Getting a job requires a lot of practical driving experience.

List Of Driver Jobs Opportunities | Newly Updated 7th April 2023

Farnek Services LLC A walk-in interview for Drivers - Light Vehicle with license 5 &

Heavy Vehicle with license 5, 6 for Saturday, April 8th, between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Please refer to the post for more information.

Walk-in Interview
8th April 2023
9Am - 11 Am

Drivers - Light Vehicle with license 3

Salary for Light Vehicle - 2200 to 2500 AED
Experience - 3+ Years experience in Light vechile

Driver - Heavy Vechile with license 5,6
Salary for heavy vechile - 2700 to 3000 AED
5+ Years of experience in Heavy Vechile

Skill - Good communication skills (Reading and Writing) Age - Below 40 Years
Loking for immediately available candidates only.

Where: Famek Building Al Quoz (Behind Al Khail Mall) 
How to get there: 
FARNEK HEAD OFFICE Nearest metro station: Al Safa Metro Station Transit: F16 to Farnek accommodation stop 

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