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As one of the popular destinations, Dubai has a range of public entertainment, hotel, accommodation, and many more tourist spots. With that in mind, it is safe to consider that the city will always come up with a range of hospitality career options, including customer service jobs in Dubai. If you are considering a career in this field, here is some information to learn.

The General Duties

As the name says, these kinds of jobs mostly work with customer satisfaction. In a broad sense, CS workers should interact with customers on behalf of the organization. The organization range from hospitality, services, to the market and shopping. Depending on the positions, the duties, functions, requirements, and responsibilities can vary. It also depends on the company.

However, there are some basic duties that you can expect from the job. Most of them will always need to respond to customer inquiries, handle complaints, foster loyalty, and process orders. But again, it can differ from the company information since there is a chance that the job will include software troubleshooting that fits for IT business.

But in general, you can say that the biggest responsibility is to answer questions about services, products, or companies. It is the key responsibility of many services and hospitality agents. Some customer service jobs in Dubai might also include processing transactions and orders since it is mostly for the hospitality sector.

For more, you can also expect some responsibilities such as delivering information about company services and offering. Some duties are providing customer outreach, handling customer complaints, responding to reviews, analyzing customer feedback, tracking customer services, and developing many documents into helpful content.

Skills And Qualifications

With different jobs and duties come varying skills and qualifications. One place might underline technology expertise, degree, or experiences. However, you can expect that most of the jobs will pinpoint strong communication skills as one of the qualifications. It includes strong listing, problem-solving, phone, and contact assistance.

Aside from the skills, most professional CS jobs and careers will require at least a high school diploma. However, it can get higher based on the company and the position. In Dubai, the CS jobs can start with a high school diploma and familiarity with computers. After that, employees can expect training or career progression for customer service jobs in Dubai.

Some of Dubai’s hotels, villas, and international accommodation do offer on-the-job training and many opportunities for better job growth and advancement. That is why there are lower education requirements. The higher management position will likely demand a college degree or more experience since the duties are more technical.

Ranges Of Positions Options

  1. Concierge
    One of the duties of CS is assisting customers. Concierge is part of the CS career. The employee needs to have good knowledge to enhance and facilitate the customer experience. Concierge and bellboy are pretty common for hotel and hospitality sectors, with some duties including booking reservations, arranging transport, and activities.
  2. Receptionist
    Front desk associates and receptionists also belong to hospitality customer services jobs. For this job, employees need to have a strong ability in handling in-person or phone communication. Interpersonal skills are the key to running for this long-hours job (40-hour week). In Dubai, these jobs are for hotels, villas, or resort facilities.
  3. Customer Service Representative
    CSR is the jack of the trade career type. Customer service jobs in Dubai for CSR positions can specify long ranges of duties, including process orders, resolving issues, providing information, and customers’ needs. One thing that is for sure is that almost every company and business will need CSR.
  4. Client Relation Associate and Client Services Coordinator
    The hospitality and services business is not only about selling, companies also need to maintain client relations. This is where the client relation associate and client services coordinator appear. Both have obligations to handle clients’ needs and provide satisfaction. Most of the time, workers need to work together with other departments. So, candidates need solid interaction skills.
  5. Call Center Agent
    Call center agent is one of the most modernized positions. The Customer service jobs in Dubai can work remotely or inside the call center hub. Dubai’s hospitality sector constantly needs such a position to respond, handle, and place orders for clients. For this job, an employee should have the ability to solve problems, communicate well, and handle a high volume of calls.

A CS job is one of the most versatile and highly demanded careers. In the hospitality sector, this job is more than working behind the phone. Some jobs can include agents, client associates, concierges, representatives, receptionists, and service specialists. If you are looking for this career, Dubai might come as the best place to consider.

List Of Customer Service Jobs Opportunities | Last Updated on: 26th November 2022

  1. Call Center
  2. Customer Service Executive

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Management or related and at least 3 years experience as: Customer Service & Call Center in UAE Healthcare sector.
  2. Must have knowledge in Insurance & DRG and with CPC certificate.
  3. Candidate must join immediately.

Kindly send the email to:
[email protected]

Note: That all documents must be valid after December 03, 2022.

How to Apply for a job

Drop your CV to: [email protected]

Good Luck To You

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