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CRAFTSMAN online jobs UK

Craftsman, the craftswoman – a person (master or apprentice) with certain skills (craft), producing for sale and to order handmade products – the final products of labor, created by handicraft using their own means of production, including those related to handicrafts.

In the Middle Ages, artisans formed the basis of the urban population, most of them were members of guilds (see Artisans (class) ). In a figurative sense, a craftsman (as opposed to an artist, creator) is one who works without creative initiative, inspiration, in a formulaic way. Such an opposition is modern since in ancient times craft and art were not opposed to each other.

Professions (crafts)

  1. Apothecary is an artisan who collects medicinal plants and produces medicines.
  2. Cooper is an artisan who produces barrels, tubs, wooden buckets.
  3. Brylyar (hatter) is a craftsman who sews hats.
  4. A distiller is an artisan who makes vodka and alcohol.
  5. A potter is an artisan who makes dishes and other clay products on a potter’s wheel.
  6. An engraver is an artisan who creates engravings.
  7. The Undertaker is an artisan who makes coffins.
  8. Tinsmith – an artisan who produces various tin products or tin roofs (roofer).
  9. The mirror maker is an artisan who makes mirrors.
  10. Zolotar is an artisan who takes out sewage.
  11. The icon painter is a craftsman who paints icons and holy images.
  12. A bricklayer is an artisan who works with stone, who is engaged in masonry, erection of structures from stone or brick.
  13. Kozhemyaka is a craftsman engaged in leather dressing.
  14. Leatherworker – An artisan producing leather goods.
  15. Confectioner is an artisan who produces confectionery.
  16. The basket maker is an artisan who weaves baskets.
  17. Blacksmith is an artisan who processes metal with forging, produces forged metal objects.
  18. A varnisher is an artisan who is engaged in varnishing, varnishing products.
  19. Foundry – An artisan who molds metal products.
  20. Tinker (coppersmith) – an artisan, is engaged in tinning, applying a lead coating on the surface of metal products.
  21. Archer is a craftsman who makes bows.
  22. Painter is an artisan who draws signs or paints buildings, walls of premises.
  23. A furniture maker is a craftsman who produces furniture.
  24. The miller is an artisan who grinds grains into flour in a mill.
  25. The Swordsman is a craftsman who forges swords.
  26. Coppersmith is an artisan who makes or repairs copper utensils or other copper products.
  27. Butcher is an artisan who cuts and sells meat.
  28. Optician is an artisan who manufactures optical lenses and instruments.
  29. Gunsmith – An artisan who makes weapons.
  30. Tin Man is an artisan who makes or repairs copper products.
  31. Hairdresser is an artisan who makes wigs, cuts, dyes, hair, and shaves men.
  32. The baker is an artisan who bakes baked goods.
  33. Bookbinder. – artisan binding books.
  34. Printer is a printing artisan.
  35. Glover – An artisan who produces gloves and mittens.
  36. The stove maker is an artisan who lays and maintains stoves.
  37. Brewer is an artisan who brews beer in a brewery.
  38. Carpenter is an artisan who deals with the rough processing of wood, the construction of wooden structures, and the manufacture of simple wooden furniture.
  39. Chef is an artisan who prepares food for special occasions (prepares food to order).
  40. Tailor is an artisan who sews and repairs clothes.
  41. Carver is an artisan who carves.
  42. Shoemaker is an artisan who sews and repairs shoes.
  43. Furrier is a craftsman who sews and repairs fur products.
  44. Sculptor is a craftsman who creates sculptures.
  45. Locksmith is an artisan who processes metals with hand or mechanical tools, composes, adjusts, repairs machines and mechanisms.
  46. Saltmaker is an artisan who boils salt from water.
  47. Glassblower
  48. Glazier – artisan, inserts glass into window frames.
  49. A carpenter is an artisan who processes wood finer than carpentry and makes products from it.
  50. Shooter is a craftsman who makes arrows.
  51. Weaver is an artisan who produces fabrics on a loom.
  52. Turner is an artisan who processes metal, wood, and other materials by turning on a lathe.
  53. Chimney Sweep – An artisan who cleans chimneys.
  54. Watchmaker is an artisan who makes and repairs watches.
  55. Saddler is an artisan who produces harness and harness for horses.
  56. The jeweler is an artisan who creates art items and jewelry from precious metals and gems, including gold or covers items with gold (gilding).

Craftsman online jobs UK jobs List

Puestos vacantes: Mechanical Crafts

Mechanical Craft
Celsa Steel UK – Cardiff
£28,000 – £33,000
(4 on/4 off Shift Pattern)
talk to Christopher Knight on

Maintenance Engineer

Location: Western General Hospital
NHS Scotland – Edinburgh EH4
£22,700 – £24,973 a year – Permanent
If after reading this information you have any questions, please contact James Picken on

Estates Engineering Craftsman – Joiner AVRENIM GROUP

The job holder will do all of the tasks within his/her level of skill and ability

Full Time |
Avrenim FM
Royal LIverpool University Hospital, Estates House, 50A Prescot Street, Liverpool, L7 8YE

Bench Repair

Ardagh Group – Barnsley

Package Manager – Sir Robert McAlpine – London

We’d love you to join us in proudly building Britain’s future heritage. Apply online now.

Sir Robert McAlpine is focused on being a truly inclusive employer.

Maintenance Craftsman (shift) – Band 4

Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Surrey
£22,987 – £25,365 a year

Maintenance Craftsperson (Shift)
Ashford and St Peters Hospital
Hours: Full Time 37. 5 hours
Band 4

For further information please contact Andrew Hanney, Estates Manager in Estates on

If you are interested in joining our team, please apply online via NHS Jobs.

Multi Skilled Operative Interserve University of Sussex

Security Clearance: N/A
Location: Brighton
Position Type: Full Time
Contract Type: Salaried – Permanent
Vacancy Title: Multi Skilled Operative
Vacancy Reference: 8594
Contract: SEF: University of Sussex

CRAFTSMAN online jobs UK Tailor – 16 hours per week

Levi Strauss & Co. – Ellesmere Port
Full-time, Part-time


Current LS&Co Employees, apply via your Workday account.

Mechanical Operative

Company/Division: Construction Services UK
Career area: Operational Specialists
Country: UK
Contract type: Permanent

Fire Door Carpenter

Carbon60 Global – Brighton
£28,000 – £33,000 a year – Permanent

Contact Consultant: Keeran Williams

Lead Engineer


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