Bright Riders School career opens opportunities in Dubai February 2021

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Bright Riders School

Bright Riders School is one of the international standard academies located in Mohamed Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi. The school comprises 14 programs starting from kindergarten 1 to grade 12. The school has a total property campus area of around 36,000 sqm. It also can hold 4,100 students, making it one of the big international schools in Dubai.

The School Overview

BRS is pretty much different than any other international school. In this case, the institution is an Indian CBSE-based K-12 school. That means the school focuses on the 12 years’ study obligation. The international school offers education programs ranging from the age group of 3.8 to 18 years old. That class compositions are kindergarten 1 to grade 12.

What makes it different is the CBSE with ADEC activities for life. The CBSE curriculum underlines the strategic education that revolves around the Effective domain of learning, including cognitive and psychomotor focus. The approach also focuses on students centered study, which demands pupils to always do in the process of learning.

The assessment method is mainly in the form of combining summative and formative. The assessment itself was also undergone in middle and high school. It will measure and maintain student’s ability or knowledge. What makes the CBSE curriculum necessary is the ability to adapt to 21st-century world competence.
Other than the curriculum, Bright riders have more than 200 teachers that understand the school’s principles. The school makes sure that students will learn in a safe environment, has the highest standards, varying plus engaging strategies, underline the students’ pedagogy, and give important roles for the parent and wider community.

Campus Information

The school has the aim to propose quality education and provide the full potential of the students. In this case, the school has around 36,000 sqm buildings that provide potential security, environment, and caring. The large area can comprise more than 4,100 students with maximum students of 30 per class.

The international standard school also uses the most international language, which is English. It will be used as the medium of instruction and standard to gain global recognition. Along with it, it has a class composition of mixed gender and gender-specific classes. Students in kindergarten 1 to 4 will be in the mixed class, while 5 to 12 will be in the gender-specific classes.

The campus infrastructure includes several facilities for the students. The campus provides a smart class that is filled with technological equipment for modern and entertaining learning. BRS also provides a biology lab, physics lab, chemistry lab, and computer lab. Some other outside classes are also available in the form of art & craft sessions, library, or extracurricular facilities.


The school has incorporated some modern solutions for the application and study. In this case, the campus application can be done in three ways. It is available for a digital campus that works as a service for both parents and students. The related information regarding the children’s ability, misfit, etc. That teacher and parent can interact with each other.

The next one will be the LMS moodle or the learning management system. This system is meant to provide uploading servers for the school that are later downloadable for the students and parents at home. On the other hand, the CMS or content management system is the server in which teachers gain the ability to create the best syllabus.
The system allows teachers and schools to provide a range of learning materials. It includes the learning subjects in the form of images, audio, video, animation, text, or streaming media. On top of that, the school will use the CMS technology for kindergarten to grade 10. The reason is to create engaging and interactive learning activities.


Joining BRS (Bright riders school) means being part of more than 200 trained teachers under the academy. In this case, everyone can join the institution but with some requirements. The job vacancies are listed on its official site under the career tab. BRS team and all of its staff underlining the professionalism and positive mindset to support student’s development.

The job categories also vary. Everyone can join as long as qualified and experienced. However, the school also mentions a professional workforce as its requirement. The job categories include teachers, librarians, PGT and TGT teachers, supervisors, to school staff. For more information, check

Bright Riders School: opening job opportunities for February 2021

Bright Riders school in the United Arab Emirates announces the availability of vacant teaching positions in the following disciplines:

  1. Chemistry Teachers (PGT)
  2. Mathematics Teachers (TGT, PGT)
  3. English Teachers (TGT, PRT.
  4. Primary Teachers
  5. Assistant Teachers
  6. Physical Education Teachers (Swimming, Football, Basketball, Cricket, Cricket, Aerobics and Yoga)
  7. Music Teachers
  8. Dance Teachers
  9. Art and Crafts Teachers
  10. School Librarian
  11. Academic Supervisor – Primary

Information about the school:

Address: Mailbox No. 39665, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Phone: +971-2-6922000
[email protected]

Work Day Bright Riders School career opens opportunities in Dubai February 2021:

The start of work in these jobs in April 2021

The deadline for submitting these positions is no later than 18 February 2021 for all the vacancies mentioned above. Dedicated to the next academic course, which starts in April 2021.

Job Source:
To find out the source of the jobs on the official website click here

How to apply Bright Riders School career opens opportunities in Dubai February 2021

Application method:
Interested candidates are requested to
send their CV to the following email: [email protected]