Aramex Logistics company: Opening multiple Job opportunities | Vacancies in Kuwait | Egypt | Hong Kong | India | Ireland | Jordan | Morocco | South Africa | Dubai | AE 2021

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About Aramex Logistics company

Aramex is a company engaged in the logistics, multinational package delivery and courier industry, the company is headquartered in Dubai, (UAE).

The company was first founded in the UAE in 1982 by Fadi Ghandour and Bill Kingson. Aramex has successfully become a company located in Arabia that is first listed on the NASDQ stock exchange, Othman Aljeda serves as CEO of the company.

Since the company was founded, it has had more than 18,000 employees spread across 70 countries. There are so many branches that this company has, the greater the chance for a candidate like you to be immediately accepted and join as one of the employees working in this company.

Customer service: #600 544000
CEO: Bashar Obeid (Nov 19, 2017–)
Founded: 1982, Jordan
Headquarters: Dubai
Revenue: 1.6 billion USD (2020)
Subsidiaries: Fastway Couriers, Aramex (UK) Limited,
Founders: Fadi Ghandour, Bill Kingson
Company site: Views

About Jobs Opportunities:

Currently, Aramex’s recruitment division has officially announced the opening of multiple jobs opportunities, for several countries including: Kuwait. Kuwait, KW | Egypt. Cairo, EG | Egypt. El Giza, Ismailia, EG | Hong Kong, HK | India. Mumbai, IN | Ireland. Dublin, IE | Jordan. Amman, JO | Morocco. Casablanca, MA | South Africa. Cape Town, ZA | United Arab Emirates. Dubai, AE.

List Of Jobs opportunities: Aramex Logistics company

Kuwait. Kuwait, KW

  1. Operations Team Member I – Express & Domestic. <== Apply Here

Egypt. Cairo, EG

  1. Fulfillment Manager. <== Apply Here

Egypt. El Giza, EGIsmailia, EG

  1. Control Tower Executive. <== Apply Here
  2. Logistics Supervisor (E-Commerce). <== Apply Here
  3. Logistics Operations Leader (E-Commerce). <== Apply Here
  4. Net Developer (Full Stack) IT Executive. <== Apply Here
  5. Operations Supervisor (Ismailia). <== Apply Here

Hong Kong, HK

  1. Customer Service Executive. <== Apply Here
  2. Air Operations Clerk. <== Apply Here

India. Mumbai, IN

  1. Tax Manager. <== Apply Here
  2. Supply Chain Finance – Manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Supply Chain Finance – Assistant Manager. <== Apply Here

Ireland. Dublin, IE

  1. Facilities Manager. <== Apply Here

Jordan. Amman, JO

  1. Customs Accounting Officer. <== Apply Here
  2. Customs Invoicing Officer. <== Apply Here
  3. Management Accountant. <== Apply Here

Morocco. Casablanca, MA

  1. Business Development Manager. <== Apply Here
  2. Outlet Executive. <== Apply Here
  3. Contact center Executive. <== Apply Here

South Africa. Cape Town, ZA

  1. Freight Sales Executive. <== Apply Here
  2. Inhouse Controller. <== Apply Here
  3. Inhouse Controller – Stellenbosch. <== Apply Here

United Arab Emirates. Dubai, AE

  1. Commercial Excellence Executive. <== Apply Here
  2. Global Strategy and PMO Analyst. <== Apply Here
  3. Forklift Operator. <== Apply Here

How to apply:

Please prepare your latest CV and photo, then click the blue link “<== Apply Here”, which we have provided in the List Of Jobs opportunities: Aramex Logistics company.

The link will automatically direct you to the official website address of the recruitment division.

Then after you have read all the eligibility criteria and were asked by this company, you are ready and fulfill it, please click “Apply Now” which has been provided on the site.

Create a job seeker account, then fill in all the data requested by this company.

Pray that your application letter will be accepted by HR. D, and you immediately get a call for a job interview.

Good luck to you.

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