Al Tamimi Company careers: Opportunities open in 2021 ✅

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About Al Tamimi & Company

Al Tamimi Company is a law firm corporation that proposes a commercial law firm. The company mostly serves North Africa and the Middle East with vast ranges of the sector. Founded in January 1989 by a man named Essam Al Tamimi, the company started as Al Tamimi & Company. Since that time, the law firm has been one of the leading companies in the UAE.

The History Of Al Tamimi

The starting point of Al Tamimi goes far back to 1989. Essam Al Tamimi is the founder and starts the company along with one secretary. In the same year, Al Tamimi opened the second office in the world Trade Centre Dubai. The development continues as the law firm reaches UAE by launching an office in Abu Dhabi right in 1994.

The expansion continued as it reached Doha, Qatar, in 2004. In 2005, the company also launched an office in Baghdad and followed with an office in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIF). The DIFC office was opened in 2006 and used as the head office. The next office was established in 2008, in Riyadh, KSA, and Amman, Jordan.

As the company gets bigger with the joint venture of Attorney Yaqoub Yousef Al-Munayae, the expansion progresses faster. It opened an office in Kuwait (2009), in the Northern Emirates (2012), and got more than 10 offices in 6 countries in 2013. That number leads to more than 230 lawyer’s forces and 38 partners under the name of Al Tamimi.

Stamping down the 25 years celebration, 2014 wasn’t a quiet year for Tamimi. Other offices were launched in Oman and Bahrain. In 2015, the number of offices reached up to 16 with Cairo and Jeddah under its radar. From 2016 to 2019, the firm continues to expand and has over 17 offices in 9 countries as Al Tamimi Celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Law Firm

Al Tamimi runs 17 offices in nine countries, including Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirate. The law firm itself provides legal support for emerging markets or new establishments. Al Tamimi Company also covers regional and local jurisdiction by employing expertise for diverse international or national client bases.

The Services

  1. Sectors

The Law firm covers 11 sectors under its services. The first one is defense and security that focus on trading, intellectual property, procurement laws, to sovereign contracts. The education sectors propose advice in some aspects of the education system, such as financing, setting up, real estate, joint venture, employment, to technology.

It also covers energy and utilizes sectors that pinpoint the issues and challenges regarding energy supply or consumption. There are also financial, healthcare sector, hotel and leisure range of legal services, technology, media, and telecommunication, to transport and logistics. All was done to give a solution regarding the Middle East and North Africa jurisdiction.

  1. Practices

For more distributed and targeted services, Al Tamimi Company offers an abundance of practices to choose from. It includes family business, capital markets, commercial, competition, tax, regulatory, real estate, etc. Each of the practices will work under the significant rule in the middle east and north Africa (MENA).

Al Tamimi Company careers opportunity

With several offices and services offered by Al Tamimi, this company offers a great range of job opportunities. Everyone can join the 17 offices in 9 counties. It also has 73 partners with 350+ lawyers, 450+ legal professionals, 850+ employees, and more than 50 nationalities. It is a fully nitrated law firm that works mostly in MENA.

Working in this company comes with structured development opportunities, the career path is pretty wide. The business services staff are at all levels and the company also offers an international training academy. Regarding the careers, the company offers collaborative and open culture for everyone across nationality.

To make it even better, the company itself also offers training programs with high-level development progress. It is available for fresh graduates that want to start their first step in Al Tamimi. The program itself is divided into four categories based on the career focus. The internship program is available for young individuals pursuing legal and non-legal internships.

Those who join can learn multiple skills based on the hands-on experience and workshop. There is also professional development in the Al Tamimi company that supports lawyers’ development. The career program also includes lawyer development that provides opportunities for the workforce. And the business services cover the lawyers and client support team.

List Al Tamimi Company careers opportunity 2021

Title | Department | Location | PQE/Experience | Ref
1. Administration
Receptionist | Administration | Doha | Intermediate | 450Views & Apply
2. Banking and Finance
Associate | Banking and Finance | Kuwait City | 4-6 | 443Views & Apply
3. Business Development & Marketing
Bids Executive | Business Development & Marketing | Cairo | Intermediate | 458Views & Apply
Business Development Executive | Business Development & Marketing | Dubai | | 460Views & Apply
Head Of Business Development | Business Development & Marketing | Dubai | | 451Views & Apply
4. Corporate Commercial
Senior Associate | Corporate Commercial | Kuwait City | 6 years + | 332Views & Apply
5. Finance
E-billing Specialist | Finance | Sharjah | | 461Views & Apply
6. Intellectual Property
Senior Patent Attorney | Intellectual Property | Riyadh | 7 years + | 462Views & Apply
7. Litigation
Secretary | Litigation | Doha | Advanced | 442Views & Apply
Senior Associate | Litigation | Kuwait City | 5 years + | 446Views & Apply
8. Marketing
Content Manager | Marketing | Cairo | | 454Views & Apply
Digital Marketing Executive | Marketing | Cairo | | 456Views & Apply
Graphic Digital Designer | Marketing | Cairo | | 452Views & Apply
PR and Communications Manager | Marketing | Dubai | | 453Views & Apply
Regional Marketing Executive | Marketing | Cairo | | 459Views & Apply
9. Transport & Insurance
Associate | Transport & Insurance | Dubai | 3-5 | 457Views & Apply

How to apply for a job at Al Tamimi Company careers opportunity

To apply for a job at Al-Tamimi, please click the link in the job title column that we provide above then click “Views & Apply” “Blue Link” You will be directed to the official website of Al Tamimi & Company

Hopefully you will quickly get your dream job.

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