Al Naboodah: World Project And Services Job Career Prospect 2022

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Founded in 1958 by two brothers, Saeed & Mohammed Al Naboodah Group is one of the most well-respected family companies based in the UAE. With more than 15 companies spread around 47 countries, the company currently has more than 10.000 dedicated employees. With the wide range of specialties, brands, and chains, you got to taste the opportunity to join the company.

About The Company

A major Emirati family conglomerate company is what you find from this group. It has more than 60 years of history in the region, which lead to a huge role in the national or international employment rate. It is proved from a wide variety of world-class brands as their distribution ranges. Some of them are air Canada, DAF, Goodyear, Harley Davidson, and many more.

The brands and industries that the company has spread in 19 work sectors. Most of them are in the manufacturing and construction trades. But, some services industries help broaden the Emirati group’s range of employment.

The sectors are Agriculture and pest control, automotive products, construction, electrical, heavy equipment. There are also some transportation industries, such as automotive, light commercial vehicles, busses and coaches, motorcycles, and trucks. Some of the industries also cover services and power solutions.

Some of them are lighting, solar PV solutions, logistic, hospitality, travel and tourism, smart building, smart mobility, and many more. All of them goes to the fact that the Emirati family business still pays more attention to the sustainability matter. It is proven through the 2019 award-winning from Gulf Sustainability and CSR award.

For that matter, the Al Naboodah try to embrace and improve sustainable business practices. The number of employees is around 10.000 people. Thus, the company decide to consider the diverse portfolio of business interests and create valued activities. All goes to the reason to increase and make a great impact for both the business partner and society.

The approach of the sustainability point is pretty clean. It tries to balance and make the social, economic, and environmental aspects as one. Thus, provide a better work environment and possibilities. To value each employee, the group pinpoint working as a family matter, enhancing responsible consumption, and unlocking potential.

About The Career

Name of Company: Al Naboodah Group Enterprises LLC
Primary Sector: Financial Services
Job Profile: 13 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted Anonymous by Al Naboodah Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: Careers – SAEED & MOHAMMED AL NABOODAH GROUP
Job Location: Jobs In Dubai
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: As Per UAE Labor Law
Last Updated on: 13th October 2022

To provide the best employment experience, the company pays more attention to respect. Thus, the group company will always aim to lead in all aspects of safety and health. Enhancing work satisfaction as well as ensuring the well-being of everyone. The group also promised continued investment in procedure and systems to create a modern and pleasant working environment.

The company offers a great length of possible job positions and roles. It also has more than enough branches plus varying industries. Thus, the open job position can vary based on the industry you looking for. All of the open job positions and listings are available on the official career site from Al Naboodah.

Currently, the open position is for surveyors in Dubai. The job details explain all of the primary responsibilities. They are reviewing the contract, supervise all data, establish and check documents, trains, and many more. As per purpose, the employee will mostly ensure all of the survey operations are accurate and per QC/QA procedures.

However, the job requirement is rather high or strict. The desired degree is a diploma or at least has a certificate. The best major or preferred one is engineering, surveying, or trained in the house route for the designated position. All of those criteria also followed with three to five years of experience.


The Emirati group is currently running a career and job open under its national program called Emiratisation. The movement is implemented by the UAE government. Thus, the company will look for candidates with UAE nationals. The role and positions are ranging. So, Emiratis are highly recommended or encouraged to join the opportunities.

For those who are interested to join the Emirati group, you can go to the Al Naboodah career page. You can find it through the official website and go to the career site. You will find an apply button that leads to a career or job portal. Some of the open or available jobs are listed. You can also follow the company on LinkedIn or send your cv through email.

List Of Al Naboodah Jobs Opportunities:

  1. Automotive A/C Technician. <== Apply Here
  2. Automotive Electrician. <== Apply Here
  3. Quality Controller – Automotive Service. <== Apply Here
  4. Retail Sales Executive – Great Wall Motors & Haval. <== Apply Here
  5. Sales Executive – Commercial Vehicle (Ashok Leyland Truck). <== Apply Here
  6. Sales Executive – Dealer (SMKA Electrics LLC) 1. <== Apply Here
  7. Sales Executive – Dealer (SMKA Electrics LLC) 2. <== Apply Here
  8. Sales Executive – Dealer (SMKA Electrics LLC) – Northen Emirates. <== Apply Here
  9. Sales Executive – Project Sales (SMKA Electrics LLC). <== Apply Here
  10. Sales Support Executive – (SMKA Electrics LLC). <== Apply Here
  11. Senior Sales Executive (Fleet) – Great Wall Motors & Haval. <== Apply Here
  12. Senior SharePoint Applications Developer -Off Shore Role (Work from Home Country). <== Apply Here
  13. Showroom Sales Executive – (SMKA Electrics LLC). <== Apply Here

How To Apply for a job

Application Instructions:
Apply Online: SAEED & MOHAMMED AL NABOODAH GROUP Jobs Vacancies 2022

As one of the major Emirati family-owned conglomerate companies, the possibilities to keep on developing are huge. The company currently has more than 10K employees under varied branches and industries. It shows that the possibilities are endless. You can learn and find more job openings in the future. It is also open for UAE nationalities under its Emiratisation program.

Before you submit your job application letter, make sure you have a LinkedIn account, because the job vacancies are posted on the official LinkedIn account owned by this company. Read each job opportunity description of your choice and then send your job application letter.

Next, please resend your CV to the recruitment department’s official email address: [email protected]

Good Luck To You

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