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Working under the cruise company has always been known as one of the opportunistic job sectors. The company has many to offer. The business also comes with various possible expansions, bringing more vacancies to the hand of job seekers. It is what you can see from AIDA cruises, one of the cruise ship companies thriving in Germany.

The company has its experiences and options for its business. Thus, can complement the increasing demands of job vacancies in the said industry. For that, the company has its way of providing great job options through various services and options. People can consider working and joining the cruise or focusing on office work. Here are things to know.

About The Company

Name of Company: AIDA Cruises Corporation
Primary Sector: Travel Arrangements
Job Profile: 35 Open Jobs
Salary: Salaries posted anonymously by AIDA Cruises Recruiting
Name of Recruitment: AIDA Cruises Careers & Jobs Vacancies
Job Location: Jobs in Germany
Job Type: Full time
Nationality: Selective
Education: Equivalent Degree/Diploma Holders
Experience: Mandatory
Benefits: Competitive
Last Updated on: 15th December 2022

In brief, AIDA cruises are a cruise company from Germany. It is a company that was founded in 1996 and keeps on expanding or developing its services with the more modern cruise industry. In 2004, the company also joined with Carnival group. The company eventually has Costa Crociere located in Genova as the one responsible for AIDA cruises.

Currently, AIDA cruises have more than 10 cruise ships operating and going across countries. The destinations include some of the great places, such as Asia, the Caribbean, Northern Europe, the Baltic, the Orient, the Canary, Africa, and many other popular destinations. For a company with high-end and best services cruises, the company can provide the best job opportunities in various positions.

For that matter, the company can bring out various job offers comprising positions for office work or onboard. If it is for the office, the companies headquarter is in Rostock. But there is also another branch in Hamburg. As the AIDA cruise also has international destinations, you can expect some other locations spread across the world.

Jobs At Sea

Being a cruise company means the best jobs you can expect are on the sea or onboard-related positions. With the company offering a range of services and high-end cruise journeys, some of the jobs on the board will be based on guest services, experience, and hospitality. In this case, the job of hotelier or gastronomy is highly needed.

Some of the positions you can expect are barkeeper, restaurant steward, manager, housekeeper, manager, and other similar guest-related positions. Other than that, expect something based on entertainment or certain services such as Spa Beautician and therapist. More on the onboard position, check the health or hospital-based jobs such as nurse or doctor.

Jobs In Rostock

If office and behind-desk jobs are what you are looking for, consider the jobs in Rostock or other locations. The locations are where the company runs its office business, such as in Hamburg. In this case, most jobs you can expect are something related to business services, development, IT, or corporation. The best example is project manager, manager executive, finance, marketer, sales, and many more.

Requirement And Qualification

Depending on the duties, responsibilities, and location of the jobs, AIDA cruises will put some requirements on its vacancies. Most onboard or sea-related positions will need experience or training in working in a cruise environment. Some other common qualifications to expect are relevant education, skills, and experience or certification.

List of AIDA Cruises Corporation Jobs Opportunities

Jobs on Shore

Jobs in Rostock:

Business Services

  1. Manager Executive Office (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

IT & Development

  1. IT Demand Manager (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. IT Manager CRM (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  3. IT Network Engineer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  4. IT Project Manager (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  5. IT Service Manager Netwerk (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  6. IT System Engineer Linux (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  7. System Engineer IT Fleet Operation (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Jobs in Hamburg:

Business Services

  1. Senior Audit Consultant (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Senior IT Audit Consultant (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Jobs at Sea



  1. Dresser (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Sound Engineer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  3. Specialist for Event Technology – Focus on light / lighting engineer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here


  1. Pianist / Repetiteur (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

TV & Media

  1. Broadcast Camera Operator / 2nd Broadcast Operator (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Camera Operator / 2nd TV Operator (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Gues Service:

Fitness, Wellness & Beauty

  1. Spa Beautician (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Spa Therapist (m/f/d). <== Apply Here


  1. Doctor (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Hospital Assistant (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  3. Medical Facility Operations Manager (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  4. Nurse (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  5. Public Health Officer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Hotel industry / gastronomy

  1. Barkeeper (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Chef de Partie (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  3. Commis de Cuisine (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  4. Junior Barkeeper (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  5. Restaurant Manager (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  6. Restaurant Steward (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  7. Senior Assistant Housekeeper (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Nautic’s & Technics:


  1. 1st Engineer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here
  2. 3rd Engineer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Safety, Security & Environment

  1. Fleet Public Health Officer (m/f/d). <== Apply Here


  1. Electrician (m/w/d). <== Apply Here
  2. Storekeeper (m/f/d). <== Apply Here

Closing date: Not Specified

Job Information and Application

Application Instruction:
Apply Online: AIDA Cruises Corporation Jobs & Careers Opportunities 2022

If you are looking for more information regarding the vacancies, please check out the official job portal at You can pick one from the at-sea or office job. All information will come with needed details, including information about the location, demands, and some other qualifications or details.

One thing that you need to underline is that every job and option will differ from time to time. All depend on the demand and availability. You can check out LinkedIn or follow the company’s career page. You will get information regarding an update on the job vacancies. But the company is also fine if you want to join or send a job application yourself.

In other words, you can send your CV and resume without waiting for a job opening. If you are lucky and has the good qualification, you might get the best offer for a job. In many cases, you should prepare the best resume, pick the best position based on your qualification, and wait for the best. Remember that AIDA cruises are a huge company, so the competition is fierce.

Job opportunities in cruise companies can be considered a great prospect in the tourism and hospitality industry. While of course, the cruise company will demand certain qualification but you can always consider or check it out. AIDA cruises have its job portal and LinkedIn account, where you can find more information about job opening.

Good Luck to You

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