Abu Dhabi National Hotels: Hiring and Looking for talented people to be part of new team | Jobs Vacancies 2021

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Abu Dhabi National Hotels (ADNH) is a well-known hospitality group and operate some restaurants, hotels, destination management services, transportation and catering.

The company was officially founded in 1976 and started to develop the company by having a portfolio of three hotels, which were obtained from the government, at that time.

ADNH has successfully managed and owns several well-known and recognized hotel brands in the emirate and its surroundings, including:

  • The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi
  • Grand Canal
  • Hotel dan Vila Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi
  • Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resor
  • Le Meridien Abu Dhabi
  • Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort Al Ain
  • Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort Abu Dhabi
  • Corniche
  • Sofitel Dubai Pantai Jumeirah
  • Address Boulevard
  • Address Dubai Mall
  • Address Dubai Marina
  • Vida Downtown
  • Manzil Downtown

Sunshine Travel &Tours, founded by ADNH in 1986, is a tourism company.

In 1988 Al Ghazal Transport was officially established, and at that time it was the first luxury transport company in the Emirate.

The group’s restaurant division under the auspices of the company (ADNH) is represented by a collection of food and beverage concepts that have innovative management characteristics under the umbrella of Venetian Village, where franchises under the internationally recognized restaurant brand (ADNH) are operated in an exclusive setting on the grounds of The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi, Grand Canal.

ADNH also has an operator division that manages a range of apartments and housing in top city locations under its brand name – Hotel Al Diar, founded in 1991.

In addition to what we mentioned, the company through its operator division, also manages The Al Ghazal Transportation Company and Kompas ADNH which was officially established in 2021.

About Jobs opportunities:

Abu Dhabi National Hotels opens multiple jobs opportunities for positions: Front Office, Food & Beverage Service, Housekeeping, Stewarding, Health Club, Spa and Recreation, Laundry, Cluster Human Resources, Cluster Reservations, Cluster Finance.


Candidate: Any nationality

Experience: Having experience in hospitality in similar role

Closing Date: – – –

List of jobs opportunities: Abu Dhabi National Hotels

Front Office

  1. Front Office manager. <== Apply Here
  2. Front Desk Manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Duty Manager. <== Apply Here
  4. Front Office Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  5. Guest Service Agents. <== Apply Here
  6. Bell Captain. <== Apply Here
  7. Telephone Operator. <== Apply Here

Food & Beverage Service

  1. Hygiene Coordinator. <== Apply Here
  2. Restaurant manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Restaurant and Bar Manager. <== Apply Here
  4. Bar Manager. <== Apply Here
  5. Assistant Bar Manager. <== Apply Here
  6. Assistant Banquest Manager. <== Apply Here
  7. Restaurant Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  8. Room Service Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  9. Banquest Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  10. Head Bartender. <== Apply Here
  11. Bartender. <== Apply Here
  12. Captain. <== Apply Here
  13. Hostess. <== Apply Here
  14. Waiter. <== Apply Here
  15. Waitress. <== Apply Here
  16. Driver. <== Apply Here


  1. HK Manager. <== Apply Here
  2. HK Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  3. HK Shift Leader. <== Apply Here
  4. HK Attendant. <== Apply Here
  5. Tailor. <== Apply Here


  1. Stewarding Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  2. Stewarding Shift Leader. <== Apply Here
  3. Steward. <== Apply Here

Health Club, Spa and Recreation

  1. Health Club and Recreation manager. <== Apply Here
  2. Asst. Sports and Activities Manager. <== Apply Here
  3. Health Club and Recreation Receptionist. <== Apply Here
  4. Lifeguard. <== Apply Here
  5. Therapist. <== Apply Here
  6. Health Club Attendant. <== Apply Here
  7. Adventure Park Operator. <== Apply Here


  1. Laundry Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  2. Laundry Attendant. <== Apply Here

Cluster Human Resources

  1. Cluster HR Coordinator. <== Apply Here
  2. Cluster Training Executive. <== Apply Here
  3. Housing Attendant. <== Apply Here

Cluster Reservations

  1. Cluster Reservations Agent. <== Apply Here

Cluster Finance

  1. Cluster Accounts Receivable Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  2. Cluster Accounts Payable Supervisor. <== Apply Here
  3. Cluster income Auditor. <== Apply Here

How to apply:

  1. In today’s digital age, applying for a job is much easier thanks to the presence of digital technology. Please for candidates interested in this job opportunity, prepare an email address, make sure the email address you have can be accessed again, because your job application letter submission, you will send it through the official email address provided by (ADNH).
  2. Make your CV “Curriculum Vitae” according to your specific skills. Once you have created a good CV, you can immediately try to apply for a job online without having to go to the company. By the way: “Click Blue Link | <== Apply Here | List of jobs opportunities: Abu Dhabi National Hotels”, the link will automatically take you to the official email address of the recruitment division (ADNH).

Or sand CV to: [email protected]

Good Luck to you

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