Jobs in bapco bahrain Gas and oil jobs New Update

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Jobs in bapco bahrain

BOC has announced vacancies for its nationals and expatriates, who are eligible, through the recruitment portal, in accordance with certain conditions and requirements.

Bahrain Oil Company vacancies

Bahrain Oil Company (Babco), a leading Bahraini company in the oil and oil and gas industries

Babco Oil Company in Bahrain announces its need to fill a number of vacancies in a number of different disciplines described below.

Current vacancies at Babco Offshore Oil Company in Bahrain

  1. JOB TITLE : JOB LOCATIONElectrical Engineering Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
    Electronics Engineering Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
    Chemical Engineering Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
    Chemistry Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
    Dental Surgeon Bahrain
    Mechanical Engineering Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
    Instrumentation & Process Control Engineering Graduates (For Nationals Only) Bahrain
  2. Consultant Endocrinologist
  3. Graduates of mechanical engineering (for citizens only)
  4. Graduates of hardware engineering and operations control (for citizens only)
  5. Graduates of electrical engineering (for citizens only)
  6. Electronics Engineering Graduates (citizens only)
  7. Graduates of mechatronics engineering (for citizens only)
  8. Chemical engineering graduates (citizens only)
  9. Chemistry graduates (for citizens only)
  10. Octane Mechanic
  11. Laboratory Technician
  12. Oil Laboratory Technician

Bapco’s Business Benefits

  1. An opportunity to participate in one of the most ambitious and exciting projects in Babco and the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain by participating in the Babco Modernization Project (BMP)
  2. Competitive salaries
  3. Attractive savings plan plan
  4. Working with a global leader
  5. Career development opportunities
  6. Working in a pioneering environment in the adoption of advanced technologies

General conditions for acceptance of BPC jobs

  1. Get a suitable qualification for the advanced employment
  2. Provides good experience in the same field of the job required
  3. Good know-how in the field of oil and gas companies

How to apply for bapco Bahrain Oil Company 2020 jobs

The application is available through the website of The Oil Company Babco (Employment Portal) via the following link: Application Link.

We have provided you with Bahrain jobs today at Babco Bahrain, and you can see more job opportunities and government employment in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the Bahrain Jobs Section on the site (Jobs Archives), good luck to all applicants and job seekers.

Jobs Archives Jobs in bapco bahrain Gas and oil jobs New Update

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