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Alaca Restaurant: Incredible opportunities to join Alaca pre-opening team 2021
About Alaca Restaurant Restaurant – Bar – Lourge

Is a restaurant that will take all guests to a concept of service to the ancient region of Anatolia, this place is a location, where the various nationalities and cultures of our ancestors gathered and enjoyed very typical cuisine.

History in the modern world.

The restaurant’s mission is to revive the atmosphere, traditions and culture of the ancient world, to show the cuisine that has its own characteristics in the time to be developed, with a better cooking concept, in the present.

When we look at the heritage left by our ancestors, encompassing food culture, history, and memories, we know that purity, simplicity and original history are at the heart of everything. In this long journey Alaca – Restaurant will start a new culinary language that is unique and infinite, inspired by the culture left by our ancestors and presenting the image of taste, with processed cuisine today.

Phone: +97148786999
Industry: Restaurant
Company size: 51-200 employees
Type: Closed Company
Year Established: 2021

About jobs opportunities:

Currently “Human Resources Manager Alaca Restaurant”, has announced, looking for: Flour manager, Flour Supervisor, Sommelier, Waiter, Waitress, Reservation Manager, Hostess, Head Bartender, Bartender, Pre Opening Restaurant in The Pointe, Palm Jumeirah / Dubai, AE.

Eligibility criteria:

Candidates who are interested in job opportunities currently open by “Alaca Restaurant”, must have at least 1-2 years of work experience, in accordance with the job opportunities currently opened “HR. M Alaca – Restaurant”.

Closing date:

The closing date of the job opportunity “Alaca – Restaurant”, which is currently open by “Human Resources Manager Alaca – Restaurant”, is, not clearly explained.

Candidates interested in joining “Alaca – Restaurant”, we recommend, send a job application letter as soon as possible, send to, “[email protected]

Please prepare, CV “Curriculum Vitae”, as best as possible. Tell to “Recruitment division Alaca – Restaurant”, through your CV, all the work experience you have and include also, the reason why the “HR. M Alaca – Restaurant” hiring division should choose you as a new employee.

Announcements made by the “Human Resources Manager at Alaca – Restaurant”, will only be available to candidates who pass the selection, in accordance with the established standards, “Alaca – Restaurant” career division.

If you do not receive an interview call from a “Alaca – Restaurant” within 14 days of the date of submission of your cover letter, we regret to inform you that your application has not been accepted by recruitment division “Alaca – Restaurant”.

Current opportunities: Alaca Restaurant

1. Flour manager. <== Apply Here 2. Flour Supervisor. <== Apply Here 3. Sommelier. <== Apply Here 4. Waiter. <== Apply Here 5. Waitress. <== Apply Here 6. Reservation Manager. <== Apply Here 7. Hostess. <== Apply Here 8. Head Bartender. <== Apply Here 9. Bartender. <== Apply HereHow to apply:How to apply for job opportunities “Alaca - Restaurant” is very easy, please click the blue link, “Apply Here | Current opportunities: Alaca Restaurant” link will automatically redirect you to the official website of the recruitment division “Alaca - Restaurant”, then please send your CV “Curriculum Vitae” to that email address. “HRM Alaca - Restaurant”Or send your CV to: [email protected] luck to youSource Information:Jobs Archives Alaca Restaurant

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